On the condition of anonymity, an NFL personnel man agreed to an interview about the Indianapolis Colts. They host the Pittsburgh Steelers today at 1 p.m.

Q: Have the Colts changed much since they played the Steelers last time?

A: Nah. They’re the same.

Q: How would you describe them?

A: Speed. Offense, defense, all over – speed.

Q: How do you beat it?

A: The best way to negate speed is to attack right at it. Don’t let them use it to their advantage.

Q: But their defensive line seemed stout. Is it?

A: They’re quick off the ball and they’ve got good speed. They do a lot of games. They play to their strength. They’re not going to try to bull-rush people. They’re going to try to get on the edge and use their strength, which is their speed. They’re not a complicated team. They do what they do and they do it well.

Q: Why couldn’t the Steelers run on them?

A: I think that first game, I don’t think the Steelers really – it was one of those things where people talk about the speed of the game and I don’t think the Steelers were ready for the speed that they were bringing. I just think it was one of those things, like ‘Whoa!’ I just think they’ll be more prepared and know what to expect.

Q: Is Corey Simon as good as his reputation?

A: He’s good. I don’t think he’s completely in shape. They really don’t have a weakness. Everybody’s as good as advertised. They won’t be super stout if you run it and try to jam it down their throat. They want to get an angle, an edge and use their speed to get after you.

Q: How would you attack them?

A: That’s the million-dollar question. I’d probably do what San Diego did. That’s coaching stuff. I just tell them what they do, now you get paid to figure out what to do.

Q: What did San Diego do?

A: I didn’t study it. I watched it on TV. I think defensively they put a lot of pressure on them and disrupted their timing. They got in the face of the receivers and said ‘You may beat us, but we’re not going to sit back and let Peyton Manning pick us apart.’ A lot of their offense is timing and that’s why he doesn’t get sacked as much, but if you disrupt their timing and get pressure, that throws them off their counts. Offensively, it helps if you have L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson) in the game.

Q: Could you give me a quick rundown per unit?

A: Defensive line – speed; linebacker – speed; secondary – hitting and speed. I’m telling you, everyone on defense has speed. Corey Simon in the middle is the meat guy, the stout guy, but (Montae) Reagor and those other guys in the middle used to be defensive ends. You know what they are? They’re like a Florida State or a Miami: They take linebackers and make them D-ends; they take safeties and make them linebackers. Their thing is just speed. Their linebackers are speed guys, all probably 230 pounds, 6-1, 6-0 and can run. Their D-linemen are 250 and can run. Simon’s three-plus.

Their corners are small guys that can run and their safeties – (Bob) Sanders and (Mike) Doss – are small guys that can run. It’s just all about speed and they play that (Tony) Dungy system to a T. Their offensive line just does enough to give Peyton Manning time to get it done. Their receivers, they’re as good as you’re going to get. The tight end is as good as you’re going to get. Their running backs are as good as you’re going to get. Their quarterback is the best.

Obviously they’re beatable, but they have very few holes.

Q: So how should the Steelers approach this game against the Colts?

A: I would play on their ego: ‘They embarrassed you last time. What are you going to do this time?’ Get it done. ‘You know their strengths; you know what they’ve got to do to beat them. Step up and beat them. You didn’t do it last time.’ And I think they know what they’re walking into with the crowd noise. The Steelers have been there before. It’s not going to be a surprise.

Q: Any other thoughts about this game I might not have asked about?

A: Not really. Sorry I can’t be more insightful. They’re an easy team to evaluate. It is what it is: They’re a speed team headed by a guy who probably knows the offense better than the coaches. They’re not a hard team to break down. They’re a hard team to beat.

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