So, Rob Reiner, Dean Cain and Jimmy Kimmel walk into a ballpark …

Sounds like a punchline, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the joke was on fans who shelled out hard-earned cash to see the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game at PNC Park on Sunday.

The Legends squad lived up to its name, with four Hall of Famers playing in the game and two more – including former Pirate Bill Mazeroski – serving as honorary coaches. Ex-Buccos Dave Parker and Bill Madlock were also included in the game.

The “Celebrity” squad fell well short of its name. Franco Harris joined Reiner, Cain and Kimmel on the list of notable names.

But Trevor Morgan? Marcus Giamatti? Tony Potts?

In case you’re wondering, those three are from, in order, the upcoming movie “Chasing 3000” and TV’s “Judging Amy” and “Access Hollywood.”

Nobody from “Access Hollywood” can be called a celebrity. A celebrity stalker, yes, but not an actual celebrity.

But it gets worse. Those were only some the dozen “celebrities” pictured in the All-Star Sunday program. Imagine being one of the four players who couldn’t crack that lineup. Poor Sal Iacono (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and Carey Hart (X-Games athlete).

What’s wrong, Pee Wee Herman wasn’t available?

It’s sad that Major League Baseball and Pittsburgh could not get some bigger names to play in the game. With that in mind, I decided to come up with my own list of celebrities with Pittsburgh ties.

Christina Aguilera, short fielder. The Grammy-award winning pop star would be a terror on the bases, because she wouldn’t mind getting Dirrty.

Michael Keaton, second base. The “Batman” star could and reprise his role as the Kevin McClatchy’s archrival.

Lynn Swann, right fielder. Imagine the boost his gubernatorial campaign would get if he could bring a winning team to PNC Park.

Kurt Angle, third base. The pro wrestling star doesn’t actually make contact, but if shown from the right camera angles, it certainly looks like he does.

Sharon Stone, catcher. Technically, she’s from Meadville, not Pittsburgh, but with the way her past few movies have bombed, she could use the exposure.

And, if she played in her outfit from “Basic Instinct,” ratings would rise dramatically.

Ben Roethlisberger, pitcher. The only problem with putting the Steelers QB in the game would be getting him to wear a batting helmet.

Mario Lemieux, first base. The NHL Hall of Famer does not have much mobility and never could hit, but always finds ways to score.

Sidney Crosby, shortstop. A Lemieux clone, without the injuries.

Jeff Goldblum, center field. I’m not saying he’s getting old, but he hasn’t done much since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Mark Cuban, left field. Not really much of an athlete, but he could bankroll the effort to bring some bigger stars into the city.

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