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The Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys today at Heinz Field and the memories come flooding back. These days the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have a rivalry, but it pales compared to what the Steelers and Cowboys had in the 1970s. Twice they met in Super Bowls, with each franchise looking to lay claim to being the dominant team of the decade. Even when the Steelers and Cowboys met again in Super Bowl XXX, following the 1995 season, the theme was heavily tilted toward recollections of those 1970s meetings.

The term City of Champions is being tossed around loosely in Cleveland, an act sure to rankle followers of Pittsburgh teams. At best, Cleveland fans appropriating the descriptive term that so aptly described Pittsburgh in the 1970s is premature. At worst it is audacious; chutzpah on steroids.

Next man up. Anytime one of his players goes down with an injury, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is quick to lean on one of his favorite clichés, a reminder to his team that while the personnel may change, the expectations do not.

Answer Man has been missing since 2008. Call it the journalistic equivalent of the witness protection program. When last Answer Man checked in, the Steelers were Super Bowl contenders, the Penguins were Stanley Cup contenders and the Pirates, well, they were absent from the postseason. Things are looking familiar in 2016.


The previous time the Pittsburgh Steelers faced an Andy Reid-inspired offense, things didn’t go so well. At least, not for the Steelers.