Christian Smith

Christian Smith

EBENSBURG, Pa. – An agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement solved Cambria County Prison’s shortage of training ammo by donating 5,000 rounds of ammunition to the jail, Warden Christian Smith said.

Smith said he sent a “thank you” letter and a Cambria County Prison badge to the ICE agent from Virginia.

“With his donation, we completed the training we needed to have done,” he said. “It was thousands of dollars in ammo, one of the best donations we ever got.”

The donation was a surprise, Smith said. He said the ICE agent must have learned about the prison’s shortage from the Sept. 9 article in The Tribune-Democrat.

Smith discussed the ammo shortage experienced by the prison and the whole country at the prison board’s September meeting.

The shortage especially affects 9mm and .40 caliber pistol ammunition, and it has been linked to increased demand for brass and copper in other industries, including automotive and construction.

Roof repairs

At the Cambria County Prison Board’s meeting Wednesday, Smith also gave an update on prison roof repairs.

He said a roofing product vendor was slated to visit the prison Wednesday and give a proposal for coating the roof.

“It’s a rubber roof that’s 25 years old, and visual and thermal inspections have been used to identify damaged areas,” Smith said. “Patches of the roof that are damaged will be repaired.”

After damaged areas are repaired, a coating will be used to protect the whole roof.

A cost has not yet been determined.

Russ O'Reilly is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter @RussellOReilly.

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