Perhaps you’ve seen the black boxes popping up around the Johnstown area.

There aren’t a lot of them, but they’re easy to see.

And those black boxes are visible signs of something new – Johnstown Business Weekly.

We launched this publication on Thursday night with a party in Geistown. Late in the week, it was arriving in homes, and by Friday, Johnstown Business Weekly was available in our spiffy black boxes here and there around the area.

We chose black – not a common color for publication boxes – because it looked good, pure and simple. These boxes are shiny. They’re sleek. They stand out from the rest.

But I like black for another reason.

We embarked on this project because we felt it was the right time to do so in the development of the Johnstown business landscape. Many exciting things are happening here, and we’re moving quickly away from the traditional manufacturing-based economy and becoming more diverse – health care, retail, services, high-tech. And manufacturing is still strong, as evidenced by the profound success at Johnstown Welding and Fabrication and its subsidiaries.

Many of the good-news stories are not on a grand scale.

Entrepreneurs are finding opportunities here, making it happen. Creating jobs. Enjoying success.

Many people are working hard to make this region strong, and to put us in a position to remain strong well into the future.

We are a region operating in the black.

That is why the time is right for Johnstown Business Weekly.

We hope you’ll find a copy and take a look.

While the new business publication is finding its wings and taking flight, you’ll see an exciting project in the pages of The Tribune-Democrat beginning next weekend.

Randy Griffith, health-care reporter with The Tribune-Democrat, recently took part in a great program run by our parent company, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.

Through CNHI’s Elite Reporter program, reporters develop an in-depth package of stories on a topic of universal interest. And then those stories – along with photographs, graphics and video – are available to the 90-plus newspapers the company owns across the country.

Randy’s series – “Playing Hurt” – will focus on sports-related injuries, especially those affecting young athletes.

The series will tackle such topics as arm injuries in baseball and concussions in football.

The series will run in this newspaper over three days – Aug. 26, 27 and 28 – just at the start of the high school fall sports season.

While readers will learn a lot about the injuries that are becoming more common among youth competitors, the most important part of this project is focused on coaches.

Too often, women and men walk onto the field or into the gym with little knowledge of how they can help prevent injuries. And the rules are very different from state to state, which complicates the situation.

Many coaches – even at the college level – don’t know much about basic first aid. They get a whistle and a clipboard and they’re on the job.

“Playing Hurt” will be an eye-opening report for many of us.

We hope you find the series compelling reading.

And we hope it makes a difference in the way schools and youth leagues approach the critical subject of preventing injuries in our kids.

Chip Minemyer is the editor of The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at 532–5091.

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