Our State Department has cited eight countries as being “of particular concern” for denying religious freedom.

Who gave our State Department the mission of telling other countries their people don’t have religious freedom?

Who gave our government the right to dictate human rights to other governments?

Perhaps, as the New Testament says, we should “remove the log from our own eye” before trying to remove the speck from another’s eye.

China was one of the eight countries criticized, and President Bush was visiting there lately for talks with Chinese leaders.

He and his wife made a point of attending a Protestant church (one of five) in Beijing before meeting with Chinese leaders. We hope the president was more interested in worshipping God than in making a political point.

We don’t question that people in China and some other countries live under deplorable controls when it comes to human rights.

We do question whether the United States – or the United Nations – has the right to dictate policy to a foreign, sovereign nation.

Somehow, it seems that when it comes to foreign relations, criticism is what our country does best.

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