Congrats to the Somerset engineers for screwing up the only stoplight in Somerset that was set right. Now we get to sit at the last light on Route 31 eastbound forever and long after opposing traffic is gone.

Dang, I love this town.

How about you inconsiderate slobs at Walmart start putting the shopping carts where they belong.

Now our brilliant government wants women in SEAL training and claims the standards won’t be lowered. Of course we all believe that, don’t we?

I agree with Frank Gabrovsek (June 22) calling out the freeloaders who cashed in on the efforts of Johnstown to bring the bikers in for Thunder in the Valley, for wanting to go on their own. They may want to consider that without Thunder in the Valley, they would go unnoticed.

Just once before I die I want to see Charlie Brown beat up Lucy the next time she moves the football. I will then die happy.

How come there is no button in my car to open the trunk?

I’ll bet all you freeloaders living off the taxpayers are happy I’m not ragging on your hero, Barack Obama. Well, don’t get used to it. I’ll be back on his case next letter. I just don’t feel like barfing this time around at the mention of his name more than once. Otherwise, life is good, at least for now.

Chuck Cordoro


Great to get second chances

In the engaging “VeggieTales” movie about Jonah, one of the songs is “Our God is the God of Second Chances.”

When I read the story about the graduation party for the day reporting center (“Clients complete day reporting program,” July 9), I thought of that song and how wonderful to get a second chance in the form of a celebration.

Also, I appreciated the editorial in praise of the program (“Day center passing muster; hopefully, grads are on better path in life,” July 11). That is truly good news.

Thank you.

Harriett Miller


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