’Tis the season of sharing and caring. I want to pause and give thanks for a wonderful ministry that I’m involved with – the Windber Area Community Kitchen, fondly known as WACK.

WACK is a nonprofit, community-service organization serving greater Windber  and surrounding areas. Its mission is to serve both body and soul.

We serve a home-cooked meal from 3 to 5:30 p.m. the last Saturday of every month at Calvary United Methodist Church, 1800 Stockholm Ave., Windber.

This month is an exception because the last Saturday is Christmas Day and we want our volunteers to be able to spend this special day with their families. Thus, the meal will be served from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 30.

Our door is open to everyone. We do not ask questions, nor require any information. Donations are accepted, but not expected.

Jesus and his disciples promoted community by fellowshipping together with others (Hebrews 10:25), and we believe this is an important focus for WACK, too.

 In trying economic times such as these, we need to help one another with kindness, love and understanding. Perhaps you are not in need of physical food, but who doesn’t crave “food for the soul,” encouragement and hope?

Your presence may provide that little bit of needed kindness and hope for someone else, too.

Please visit our website at www.wack hunger.com, or become our friend on facebook by entering Windber Kitchen.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Dee Fisher


Face facts, greed exists in us all

Webster defines “greed” as excessive desire for acquiring or having.

This word is used a lot to demonize wealthy people, but who among us does not want more?

I suspect that many people with similar opportunities would be just as “greedy.”

There was a time, our grandparents’ time, when people had pride and refused charity. People helped each other and were happier.

People today, like dogs fighting over a bone, grasp for more and more stuff, regardless of who pays the bills.

And that’s not greed?

What’s worse is the loathing of the dog who, for whatever reason, gets the bone.

The Bible calls it covetousness.

Discussing tax cuts for the wealthy is ludicrous. What’s being debated is simply leaving tax rates where they are.

Punishing “Wall Street fat cats” sounds good to the envious ignorant, but if the truth be known, this administration has helped and been supported by those fat cats as much as the Republicans – maybe more.

Lockstepping Democrats touting un-employment benefits as a stimulus to the economy plays only to nonthinkers.

Average people spending money may stimulate China’s economy, but little they would buy is manufactured in America.

And how many Walmart employees care if it’s greed or just good business sense that keeps them working?

Even Bob Cratchit recognized Scrooge as the founder of his feast. Only Scrooge’s changed heart made Bob’s working environment better.

Greed exists in us all. Christmas is a celebration of the coming of the true heart-changer.

Barry Billings



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