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There should be no taxes on our primary residences. Many school districts want to increase our property taxes again. The excuse is always to improve our children’s education. The reality is otherwise.

School administrators’ and teachers’ compensation is the real reason. Student education has not improved over the years. Years ago, we didn’t have or need preschool or kindergarten. Our educational system was far superior to today’s educational system.

Public School Employees’ Retirement System’s Act 9 was passed in 2001, and it gave school teachers a staggering increase in their pensions. Take a look at what teachers will make a year on their new pensions effective June 30, 2001. For Cambria-Somerset counties: The state formula is average salary ($50,000) multiplied by 2.5 percent (standard single life annuity multiplier) multiplied by years of service (35) equals $43,750 per year.

A teacher can retire with full pension after 35 years of service. Considering a teacher is 23 years old upon graduating college, that teacher can retire at full pension at age 58. I don’t know of any company that does or could provide anything similar.

Teachers in our area have been granted annual increases in their wages while other workers have made concessions or lost jobs. School administrators make much higher salaries than teachers. You do the math. They used to complain about how much steelworkers  and auto workers made and that they were destroying their industries.

The schools are going to bankrupt everyone.

Al Cooper


World can’t stand Jews defending selves

I read with dismay the account of mob violence in Kyrgyzstan, in which more than 100 people were killed and 1,200 wounded, causing refugees to stream across the border to Uzbekistan.

I searched newspapers and online sources to see if the United Nations had met in emergency session to condemn one side or the other. It had not.

I neither read nor heard a speech by President Obama calling for restraint.

Turkey did not call for an inquiry.

Where was Gen. David Petraeus’ concern that the violence could affect our military base in that country. Only silence.

These voices only appear when Israel defends itself against terrorists, armed activist instigators pretending to be humanitarians, suicide bombers and the like.

What I’ve come to realize is that what the world can’t tolerate are Jews defending themselves. That’s why when we say “never again” and “next year in Jerusalem,” we mean it.

Ian Katz



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