I’m praying that the good news coming from Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ hospital room doesn’t make us forget the national disgrace inflicted upon us from Tucson on Jan. 8.

In a state where there’s no obstacle to carrying concealed firearms, it was only a matter of time until such an abomination occurred. And considering the number of people present who were armed, it’s a miracle that the shooting rampage didn’t escalate into a melee.

The gun nuts were quick to dodge responsibility – they always are – but Arizona’s near-complete absence of firearm control laws surely didn’t make matters any better that morning.

And in a state where shameful immigration policies make racial profiling not only a matter of routine but practically the law, I hope the distinguished citizenry of Arizona appreciate the irony that the one hero to emerge from the haze of gun smoke was a man named Hernandez.

As for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her pathetic insistence that the contents of her website didn’t contribute to the horror and heartbreak in Tucson, there’s a big difference between being a maverick and being a renegade.

If Palin lacks the wisdom, principles and moral accountability to recognize the sickening impropriety of superimposing crosshairs over the legislative districts of congressional representatives unsympathetic to her beliefs, she’s deficient of the very qualities essential to the leadership of our nation.

Instead of pursuing the U.S. presidency in 2012, Palin should seek to become Empress of Arizona. She and that dangerous state deserve each other.

Carl Schultz


Amazed by how many offered to help

I was one of many I presume had an accident on our slippery roads recently.

I was driving on Airport Road, as I do most mornings on my way to work, when the slush got the better of my vehicle and threw me into a spin.

I had just passed three vehicles; however, by the grace of God, I was alone on that road when I was thrown into the guardrail, doing major damage to my front and rear bumpers. 

I am not writing to complain about the road conditions. Quite honestly, as of late, PennDOT has been absolutely wonderful with keeping that road open and clear. 

Thank you for that. 

For all you skeptics out there who don’t believe there are good people in the world, I beg to disagree.

I am writing to thank the amazing people who stopped to ask if I needed help.

Two gentlemen, who I suppose were also on their way to work, made sure I was OK and then continued on.

And, kudos to our servicemen. I lost count of how many “Army guys” stopped to make sure I was all right, to ask if they could help or just to ask me if I wanted them to stay there with me until help came. Thank you, gentlemen.

Patty E. Byers


Dump the greedy, taxing politicians

I commend the Rev. Leo F. Arnone on his Readers’ Forum letter on Jan. 29, “Make ‘Catholic vote’ count once again.”

I can’t believe that our former Gov. Ed Rendell didn’t know what was going on at that abortion mill in Philadelphia. He was mayor, then governor for a total of 16 years. Maybe, its because abortion isn’t important to him.

Democrats call abortion a wedge issue.

What surprises me is that Catholic voters put Rendell and President Obama in office, knowing that they were both radical abortionist politicians.

Hillary Clinton and Obama said they needed the Catholic vote in the past presidential election. Both got the Catholic vote, but Clinton bowed out because the Democrats knew she was damaged by her husband’s impeachment and Obama was untainted.

Christians know abortion is a sin against our God, Jesus Christ. Why are they so ignorant? Our Catholic faith teaches us the evils of abortion, but Catholics, mostly Democrats, voted for Obama and Rendell.

No wonder Dr. Kermit Gosnell and Planned Parenthood go about doing their bloody abortions and getting away with it.

Our Bible teaches us that bread alone isn’t enough for man; he also needs the word of God.

Let’s go back to our Christian faith, and dump these greedy, tax-spending politicians.

Stephen Sakmar


We’re living on the cusp of socialism

I have lived a socialistic life for 13 years.

All my decisions are made for me. When I use a toilet, I need permission; my clothes are better known by my keepers than me.

You can have the same if you want socialism.

President Obama and company are offering you socialism, or “safe living.”

Your health care will be decided. Your crime protection will be government-style – only the thugs will be armed. Robbery, murder, abduction and rape will not be allowed via an order on paper. Addictions to liquor, drugs, sex, etc., will be encouraged.

Is this what you want?

Germany, eastern Europe, Italy and many Muslim countries have enjoyed socialism under Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and zealot Muslims. I am in need of total care because 80 percent of my body is paralyzed. I miss making my decisions. What is your reason?

I don’t enjoy care that I once did for myself, yet it is appreciated.

If you want the government to live your life, continue to sit on your couch, sucking bonbons and accepting government handouts. Ignore your faith and all it offers.

Slothfulness is one of the deadly sins. It will paralyze you worse than I am.

Your freedom will be lost; history can be repeated. Already we legally have killed      51 million unborn babies, more people than the aforementioned socialist leaders of the past have killed.

Three states allow mercy killings. Now, the unborn and elderly are in danger; tomorrow it could be you.

James Morrissey


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