Longtime politician and government bureaucrat William Lloyd proposes to solve Social Security’s problems the same way that politicians and bureaucrats always propose to solve the problems that pols and bureaucrats have caused: Raise taxes.

Lloyd recites the usual line about how the Social Security surplus can be drawn on when payouts exceed revenues.

Nonsense. There was a surplus. It was spent by the pols. Nothing remains but a pile of phony IOUs from one part of the federal government to another part.

Lloyd says people rely on Social Security. Well, of course. With the Social Security tax confiscating 12 percent of working folks’ productivity, how are they to save for their own retirements?

Lloyd wants to raise the cap on taxable income because, he says, people making more than the cap one year might make less the next year. But that’s just a flimsy excuse.

In a legitimate retirement fund, income fluctuations needn’t matter. What counts is the total of your payments over the years. When this is sufficient actuality to fund the desired level of benefits, you can stop paying.

But Social Security isn’t a legitimate retirement fund. It’s an absurd combination of a somewhat regressive tax and a non-means-tested welfare program for older people.

The only real question about Social Security is how, precisely, we should go about terminating it.

Allan Walstad

Upper Yoder Township

Out-of-town vendors ruin local festivals

Once again, Johnstown can’t stand prosperity.

First, the organizers messed up the original Cambria City ethnic festival. “Ethnic” means ethnic food and music.

Don’t bring in out-of-town vendors. We have local foods. That was what made the ethnic festival special.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, organizers have messed up Thunder in the Valley.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Soda and water sales were a source of needed income for local vendors. Don’t give the sales rights to out-of-town people who don’t care about this town, other than to take its money and run.

Is there anyone who has a thought about what is good for this town?

I think not. It’s all about greed.

We are a distressed area. Next we’ll be a ghost town with our present organizers and leaders.

Wake up.

Doris Layton


At times, we live in an upside down world

Could this be the year that the Pittsburgh Pirates finish over .500 and even make the playoffs?

Wouldn’t it be great?

Shouldn’t we all support our local library as much as possible? It is one of our best community assets.

Isn’t it shocking that our state legislators will receive even better health care and get a pay raise? Don’t they truly deserve it, because they work for such a pittance now?

If their job is so tough and time-consuming and such a financial hardship, why don’t they resign?

Why do they spend so much time and money seeking re-election?

What is so hard about showing photo ID to vote? You need ID for many everyday functions.

Getting a photo ID is free.

Why must taxpayers pay for charter schools? Can someone give me an answer?

Isn’t it amazing how the people who favor the wanton slaughter of unborn infants – oh, I’m sorry, I mean the pro-choice people – are usually the folks who wail and gnash their teeth if a bat runs into a windmill blade?

Doesn’t it seem that at times we live in a world turned upside down?

Gregory M. Gyauch


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