Alternative Community Resource Program Inc.

Located: 131 Market St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Frank J. Janakovic, president/executive director.

Employment: There are 387 nonunion employees, up by 52 in 2017. There are plans to hire 10 or more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1989.

General: ACRP specializes in mental and behavioral health; psychological and psychiatric evaluations; outpatient therapy; individual and family therapy; adolescent and children’s partial hospitalization; ADHD; autism disorders; educational programs; after-school and summer therapeutic programs; family-based mental health services; case management; peer support; youth work program, community gardens and blight, child welfare and juvenile justice programs; family court; community and recreational programs; and grants and research. It services in Bedford, Blair, Cambria and Somerset counties. Revenue increased by 3 percent in 2018.

ACRP opened a behavioral classroom (school-based therapy) for adolescents in partnership with the Altoona Area School District.

It expanded the behavioral support initiative in conjunction with the Greater Johnstown School District to identify and support children who are struggling with behavioral issues.

ACRP purchased a larger site in Everett to serve clients throughout Bedford County.

The company expanded the Youth Employment Service (YES) Program for 18- to 25-year-olds.

ACRP continues to strive to provide quality educational, mental and behavioral health, and community-based services to youth and families in the region. ACRP continues to be productive and competitive through the use of video-conferencing and tele-psychiatry to provide the clients access to psychiatrists located across our state and country.

Accomplishments in 2018 were receiving approval for a year-round therapeutic program in Bedford and Somerset counties, and added tele-psychiatry.

ACRP expanded the center for achievement by opening a social emotional behavior disorders (SED) classroom for students (adding sixth, seventh and eighth grades) identified with behavior problems. The classroom has a certified special education teacher. The SED classroom provides students with a research-validated curriculum and individualized instruction with an emphasis on coping skills, behavior modification and social skills. 

School-based therapy is available for students. The goal of the SED program is to successfully transition students back to their home school districts for in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Technology has helped bring ACRP, the clients and staff together in new and effective ways. With the implementation of video conference equipment, it now has the ability to provide clients access to psychiatrists located in Pittsburgh and across the United States (currently Florida). ACRP took this technology into school sites in northern Cambria County. 

All 12 ACRP offices are connected via internet; email; text and voice. Video-conferencing is used for staff trainings, meetings and consultation services. 

It reduced travel costs and increased access to specialized trainings nationwide.

ACRP is very optimistic about Johnstown and the region. There appear to be many organizations, businesses and groups working toward an end goal of joint cooperation together to improve Johnstown and the region. Groups such as Discover Downtown, Vision 2025, neighborhood groups and volunteers help Johnstown daily to create a new future. 

More federal and state funding is needed to assist our city and region in creating jobs, assistance for infrastructure and projects and assistance to Johnstown to address blight, drug issues and more educational opportunities.

AmeriServ Financial Bank

Located: 216 Franklin St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Jeffrey A. Stopko.

Employment: There are 321 employees.

History: Established in 1901.

General: AmeriServ Financial provides consumer and commercial banker, wealth management and investment services. The bank serves Cambria, Somerset, Blair, Centre, Westmoreland and Allegheny counties and Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.

Stopko, president and CEO, said of the company’s 2018 financial results: “AmeriServ Financial achieved record earnings in 2018 while making strategic investments in our franchise to position us well in the rapidly changing financial services industry. We made meaningful progress in improving the earnings power of the company by reporting full-year earnings per share of $0.43, increasing tangible book value per share by 6.3 percent during 2018 and returning almost 48 percent of net income to our shareholders through accretive common stock buybacks and an increased cash dividend.”

In 2018, AmeriServ opened its newest financial center and first out-of-state branch in Hagerstown, Maryland. Based on the success of a long-standing loan production office (LPO) in Hagerstown, the bank now provides a full range of business and personal banking and wealth management under one roof. As a now-proven concept, the new financial centers (University Heights, Johnstown; State College; and Hagerstown) bring increased efficiency, a heightened sense of personal customer engagement and the bank-wide benefits of cross-selling products and services to AmeriServ communities.

In 2018, AmeriServ continued to improve its technology with the introduction of new business and consumer internet banking platforms. These new online platforms transitioned AmeriServ customers to a more user-friendly online experience with leading-edge features and a function-rich environment that raises the bar on business and consumer products.

Business banking customers now have access to an integrated business app, which allows them to interact with and control their operating accounts and other services on a round-the-clock basis. A new outsourced ACH solution has also been initiated that adds speed, automation, efficiency and tracking to the process.

Consumer e-banking customers have access to a new app that enables them to make remote deposits while having full, 24-hour access to accounts. 

Mobile banking activity gained momentum throughout the year and now accounts for more than 30 percent of AmeriServ’s online banking activity.

AmeriServ’s retail banking customers were given four new reasons to embrace the banking-for-life philosophy in 2018, with the bank’s first major account overhaul in a generation. Four simple-to-understand, well-targeted lifestyle checking accounts were created to replace a legacy jumble of checking accounts. Twenty-seven thousand customer accounts were converted into one of four banking-for-life accounts – StudentLife, SimpleLife, ActiveLife and ComfortLife. Each account provides targeted services appropriate for a particular stage in life with ComfortLife topping out as the top tier of banking services.

Customer convenience options extend beyond that of the bank’s retail franchise to the AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Co., which also introduced an app during the year. The digital feature allows for a heightened level of account access and provides account holders with the ability to monitor account balance information at their fingertips.

During 2018, the wealth management team reported record revenues, record earnings and a record number of clients, built on a growing number of credentialed professionals, active participation in the bank’s financial center strategy, the opening of a new wealth management office in Greensburg, the designation of another within the Monroeville loan production office, and sophisticated new products and services added to the company’s offerings.

One of the most successful additions has been the Income for Life® planning tool, which exemplifies AmeriServ’s Banking for Life philosophy. The tool allows AmeriServ professionals to quickly assess and personalize the retirement outlook for any individual at virtually any net worth or stage in life. Using Income for Life, a professional can calculate a retirement score number and create a customized plan for an investor. This model has already yielded significant returns and produced customer engagement above expectations. As a new core offering, it supports a long-term strategy of placing AmeriServ professionals in front of clients with an accessible, easily understood retirement overview to open an important discussion and contribute to solving the nation’s pending retirement crisis.

Another significant contributor to the group’s revenues continues to be the Employee Real Estate Construction Trust (ERECT) Funds, for which AmeriServ is the trustee. This union pension fund-based investment engine is the only regional fund of its kind in America. It invests union pension funds in real estate projects that utilize 100 percent union construction, yielding solid rates of return as well as union job-hour guarantees. The unseen statistic is that up to an estimated 15 cents of every dollar paid in union benefits and wages is added to the pensions, which creates better funded pensions and an expanded source for new ERECT Fund investment.

AmeriServ’s community service took new directions in 2018. In addition to civic pride and longstanding support for employee volunteer activities, the bank brought in a fresh look at opportunities in which to better serve local communities.

AmeriServ promoted a new public education series focused on having a better understanding of finances in the everyday world. The AmeriServ seminar series was created to leverage the bank and its resources as an education and information leader within the community. 

Three seminars were offered in the series’ inaugural season, each targeted to a special audience segment from the community.

The 2018 edition of the AmeriServ Johnstown Halloween Parade was the 50th annual gathering along Main Street, sponsored for the second year in a row by AmeriServ.

In the second quarter of 2019, the company will introduce online account opening. 

Customers who prefer online banking will be able to easily open a checking account, a savings account and even a CD product online without the need to come into a branch office. This dramatically extends the ability of AmeriServ to serve clients beyond its traditional branch footprint.

AmeriServ is also modernizing its account-opening processes by launching a new account desk platform that will simplify and streamline the account-opening process. This new platform enables electronic signatures, emailed documents, a quicker flow and can identify more account options, allowing for a proactive approach to customer service.

Stopko is optimistic about the future of the community, saying, “2018 represented a nice step forward economically for the Johnstown region. This was evidenced by many available job openings, a reduced unemployment rate and increased business investments in our area by both existing companies and companies new to our region. I am also sensing a more positive attitude in the city with greater and broader community participation and engagement in grassroots efforts to improve our region, such as Vision 2025. For these reasons, I am optimistic that 2019 will be an even better year for our area.” 

Cambria County Transit Authority

Located: 502 Maple Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Rose M. Lucey-Noll.

Employment: There are 139 nonunion and union employees, up by five from 2017. There are plans to hire more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1976.

General: CamTran provides bus transportation throughout Cambria County. Its revenue is up by 2 percent.

CamTran has continued to replace diesel and gas buses with compressed natural gas.

It has embarked on a more grassroots marketing approach, which has proven to be very effective. By being more active and visible in the community, CamTran has become more ingrained in Cambria County by providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation service.

Accomplishments in 2018 include adding solar panels to its Woodvale facility. 

Additionally, CamTran renovated its rural operations, maintenance and administrative facility. Both projects will be completed in spring 2019.

Technology in public transportation continues to evolve and change the way CamTran does business. There are a variety of technology-based projects that will enhance the customer experience and help CamTran deliver transportation services in a more efficient and consistent manner.

CamTran’s leaders are very optimistic. A press release says, “with major projects being started across the county, it is an exciting time to be involved as an integral partner, as transportation plays a vital rule in all facets from commerce to recreation.”

CambriArts Advertising Inc.

Located: 175 Main St., Hooversville.

Leadership: Eda Champanella, president.

Employment: There are two nonunion employees.

History: Established in 1986.

General: CambriArts is a full-service advertising agency, which helps businesses market their products and services to current and potential customers. CambriArts handles all varieties of advertising media, such as TV, radio, digital media, billboard, newspaper or magazine ads. The agency creates all types of print materials, including brochures, fliers, catalogs and direct mail. The agency also sells imprinted and specialty products, such as pens, clothing, calendars, drink ware and desktop items.

CambriArts helps customers organize, create and execute advertising – handling every step of the process, from creating a company logo to negotiating media buys. CambriArts’ No. 1 priority is to make customers’ advertising program as effective and cost-effective as possible.

Its service area includes primarily western Pennsylvania, however there are a variety of clients nationwide.

Sales increased by 3 percent in 2018.

Advertising is extremely competitive field, but CambriArts attempts to stay ahead of the pack by providing its clients with marketing and advertising services that enable it to be more competitive in its own marketplace. CambriArts will not grow unless it helps clients to increase their sales and make more money.

Accomplishments in 2018 include being in business for 33 years, which is a noteworthy accomplishment for any small business. The company is proud of its longevity and its success in moving forward, year after year.

Technology is changing the track of the business and the face of marketing every day, and it can be tough for any business to keep up the pace. 

CambriArts helps businesses use these new mediums to their advantage and look for the best ways to expand market reach.

CambriArts helps businesses make cost-effective choices to promote their products and services.

Carpenter Financial Services

Located: 237 Johns St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Joseph A. Carpenter and Samuel G. Carpenter.

Employment: There are nine employees, down by two from 2017. There are plans to hire a full-time employee and a part-time employee.

History: Established in 1953.

General: Carpenter Financial Services provides financial services and investment planning to individuals and businesses. It offers clients multi-faceted solutions to meet their growing financial needs, such as retirement planning, education planning, elder-care planning, risk management and more.

Carpenter Financial serves Cambria, Somerset and Westmoreland counties and serves clients in more than 15 states.

Revenue was up by 10 percent in 2017, and 2018 also was a good year.

In 2018, Carpenter Financial celebrated its 65th anniversary. 

Carpenter Financial’s mission is to make sure the clients are prepared for an enjoyable and comfortable retirement. 

With smart strategies and real solutions, the sound philosophy of commitment to excellence keeps the company accountable. With the addition of the third generation to the family business, Carpenter Financial is positioned to serve financial planning needs for the next 40 years.

Joe and Sam Carpenter are premier advisers through H.D. Vest and received the H.D. Vest excellence award for multiple years, including 2018.

By implementing new technology, we have become more efficient, which better serves the company and in turn gives us more time to focus on the clients and their needs.

Carpenter Financial is optimistic about the region and hopes to see more growth and revitalization in the downtown. 

There is a strengthening in the work ethic of the community and positive changes such as new businesses and personal investment.

Centennial Financial Group LLC

Located: 647 Main St., Suite 405, Johnstown.

Leadership: Don C. Hall II, CEO.

Employment: There are five employees, with plans to hire an intern.

History: Established in 1991.

General: Centennial Financial provides investment advisers and financial planning. 

Revenue remained steady during 2018. Centennial Financial expanded its services to be more streamlined and more inclusive and renovated the conference room. The office moved toward more flat fee-based planning and implementing new electronic signature technology.

Ethan F. Stewart achieved the certified financial planner in 2018. He also implemented some educational programming and personal business goals.

Technology makes our lives easier and helps Centennial Financial to do its job better. 

The financial group implemented some electronic signature software, communication software and upgraded the hardware.

“Optimism is high and remains high,” Hall said. “A lot of potential here with challenges. What I would change is people not working together and the separation mentality this area seems to have. We cannot be afraid to try new things, either, and there needs to be more openness about new experiences.”

Century 21 All Service Inc.

Located: 212 Bloomfield St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Gary Green, broker/owner.

Employment: There are 20 employees. Two real estate agents will be added in 2019.

History: Established in 1981.

General: The full-service real estate agency serves clients in Cambria, Somerset and Bedford counties.

Accomplishments include the Century 21 Gold Medallion Award for being among the top 10 Century 21 offices in the state.

CJL Engineering

Located: 232 Horner St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Matthew R. Sotosky, partner, and James M. Vizzini, partner.

Employment: There are 158 employees, up by 10 from 2017. There are plans to hire five to 10 more employees.

History: Established in 1938.

General: CJL Engineering provides mechanical, electrical, fire protection, civil, structural engineering services, commissioning and 3D BIM modeling. 

CJL serves all over the United States, and has opened an office in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

Revenue was up by 8 percent. 

Staffing will continue through 2019. 

CJL now uses onsite 3D laser scanning for modeling of existing mechanical and electrical systems.

Its intern program for engineering students has helped to build a young and upcoming workforce. The training the interns receive prepares them to be very productive when they begin their full-time engineering careers.

Accomplishments in 2018 included adding more than 10 full-time employees to the Johnstown office. CJL’s geographical work range has grown.

Three-dimensional building modeling has improved the quality of design documents and minimized conflicts during construction. Projects are constructed with less coordination issues, which has improved efficiency of projects.

The region has many positive factors. The company’s level of optimism for the area is high. 

Parents and schools need to encourage our youth to go into jobs this locality needs to sustain its growth and future.

Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty

Located: 2305 Bedford St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Bernard Connelly, Jay Maruhnich and Dwayne Hill.

Employment: There are 16 nonunion employees, with plans to hire two more in 2019.

History: Established in 1989.

General: Coldwell Banker provides residential and commercial real estate sales. 

It serves in Cambria and Somerset counties. 

Its sales volume increased by 28 percent. Technology has made Coldwell Banker more efficient to buyers and sellers.

Coldwell Banker has a positive optimism level due to increasing consumer confidence.

Community Foundation for the Alleghenies

Located: 216 Franklin St., Suite 400, Johnstown.

Leadership: Mike Kane, president and executive director.

Employment: There are eight nonunion employees.

History: Established in 1990.

General: The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies administers funds that support nonprofit activity in Bedford, Cambria, Indiana and Somerset counties. The clients are donors across the country who work with us to establish funds that support their vision of philanthropy, and maintain the integrity of vision in our management and distribution of those funds. The foundation also helps individuals and organizations in need of nonprofit funding understand and access resources available to them.

Total revenue increased nearly 13 percent in the past fiscal year, compared to the previous fiscal year.

CFA moved into new offices in February 2019. The larger space reflects the foundation’s growing capacity, with space for continued growth. This space includes facilities that allow the foundation to better serve the community, with a large meeting room that will be open to CFA partners, and a nonprofit resource center which will open to local organizations later this year.

The foundation is unique in the services and partnerships provided for the region. CFA is growing through the successful implementation of a five-year strategic plan, now in its third year. The new offices allow the foundation to better serve donors and local organizations with improved gathering spaces and additional resources.

CFA also will announce a major initiative in the next few months, which will allow it to take the lead in shaping a new generation of nonprofit activity. The next few years hold extraordinary opportunities for Bedford, Cambria, Indiana and Somerset counties, and the Community Foundation is positioned to be at the heart of that progress. CFA has the donors, staff and community partnerships to help the region realize that potential, and it is committed to leading the way.

Accomplishments in 2018 included CFA reaching new milestones in assets and charitable distributions. CFA donors opened more than 80 new funds. 

Its total number of funds exceeded 700, the assets exceeded $71 million, and the grants and charitable distributions were more than $6.3 million. It also distributed a CFA-record $805,000 in scholarships.

CFA’s Somerset County Endowments launched a five-year million-dollar campaign to permanently support nonprofit activity in Somerset County. 

The campaign took off with terrific momentum, raising nearly a third of its goal in the first year alone. Membership in CFA’s philanthropic leaders advisory network – or PLAN – grew by 20 percent. This is CFA’s program for local wealth advisers, which allows the foundation’s leaders to share their deep understanding of charitable giving with financial planners on the front lines of wealth management.

CFA also spent the year preparing for its move into larger, more accessible office space, allowing it to better serve donors and the nonprofit community.

Technology has helped CFA be more mobile and more responsive to donors and the nonprofit community. Through apps and online services, it offers a wide range of fundraising tools to its partner organizations. CFA also provides services for individuals and organizations that want to access their CFA funds online and offer online applications to potential grant or scholarship recipients.

CFA has great reasons to be optimistic about the future of this region, as its role is to support the visionaries and game-changers who recognize and utilize the best this region has to offer. Whether partnering with donors who want to create resources to improve the communities, or distributing funds to the nonprofit organizations using those resources to provide services and activities that create positive change, CFA is involved every single day with forward-thinking individuals implementing exciting initiatives for area communities.

“This region is home to incredible talent and ideas,” Kane said. “What we need moving forward, and what CFA is committed to facilitating, is more teamwork, more bridge-building and more resource sharing to maximize the impact of the great philanthropic work being done here. 

Concurrent Technologies Corp.

Located: 100 CTC Drive, Johnstown.

Leadership: Edward J. Sheehan Jr., president and CEO.

Employment: There are 450 nonunion employees, down by 30 in 2017. There are plans to hire 25 employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1987.

General: CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry. CTC’s areas of expertise fall within these categories: advanced engineering and manufacturing; energy, resilience and infrastructure; advanced information technology; and readiness and training.

CTC’s relationship with its affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corp. (EVC), is a fundamental partnership that provides clients with full life-cycle solutions. While CTC, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, specializes in research, development, test and evaluation, EVC’s mission is to transfer advanced technologies designed and created by others to the marketplace and to deliver high-quality, competitively priced products and services to its clients. The synergy of the two companies effectively transfers technology to clients in government, private industry and the public.

CTC serves clients in the U.S. and abroad.

The CTC board of directors elected three new members who have reached the top of their fields in science and technology organizations in both industry and government: Reginald Brothers, Heidi Shyu, and Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Camille M. Nichols. They are distinguished in their professional accomplishments and their high levels of expertise. Along with our current board members and technical advisory board, this impressive group of new members is providing valuable guidance.

CTC added injection molding capability, specifically metal injection molding, which uses a feedstock comprised of powdered metal bound with a binder that has a consistency similar to clay. At the end of the process, the feedstock is transformed into a fully metal product. Metal injection molding itself is not new, but CTC is successfully utilizing it in an innovative manner for alternative and next generation munition components that industry leaders said could not be done.

Several advanced technology solutions that originated as research and development initiatives at CTC are now being sold and marketed to the government and private sector by EVC, the for-profit affiliate. Examples include Advanced Guard for Information Security (AGIS), which securely inspects, sanitizes and transfers common-use files safely between networks. AGIS sales increased dramatically from 2017 ($1.5 million) to 2018 ($5.0 million). A breakthrough coating system, called TALON™, was jointly developed by EVC, CTC, Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). TALON is a chemical agent resistant coating that is currently being fielded by several military entities. 

EVC has also developed water recycling technology that CTC originally created for the U.S. Air Force and is transitioning to the private sector. 

EVC’s Twin Ultra Greywater Recycling System can recycle 70 percet to 90 percent of gray water used in commercial and industrial laundry operations and other applications.

CTC successfully creates and strengthens relationships with strategic partners. One of CTC’s integrated project teams (consisting of SLM Solutions, MSC Software, MRL Materials Resources, the University of Pittsburgh and America Makes) is collaborating to create the opportunity for the U.S. Navy to build critical components with 3D manufacturing.

In 2018, CTC formed new partnerships with organizations such as Sciaky and Smartronix to expand its capabilities and has continued long-term relationships with clients such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Air Force, Navy, Marines and other military clients.

Internally, CTC is increasing its efforts to capitalize on the synergy of its strong research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) focus and EVC’s ability to transfer solutions to the marketplace. Through their internal relationships, CTC and EVC provide the unique ability to provide full life-cycle solutions – from concept to production to maintenance and repair.

CTC won competitively bid contracts in 2018 to do work for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine clients and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. CTC helped the entities in the areas of energy solutions, water technologies, computerized readiness capabilities, cybersecurity, and additive manufacturing.

CTC’s potentially game-changing approach to ammunition manufacturing earned it the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from the National Armaments Consortium and the DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium. And the DoD Corrosion Office awarded CTC first place in the category of facilities and infrastructure for a presentation on work CTC performed to find new coating materials for certain military facilities.

Once again, CTC has achieved the highest Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Programs designation of Star site. CTC is also proud of its ongoing recognition for its commitment to military employees, both active and retired. CTC was one of 100 companies in the nation to be named a 2018 Best for Vets employer by Military Times, and Sheehan received the Patriot Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

Sheehan also was named to the Pennsylvania Business Center’s 2019 Top 100 People list.

“Technologies is literally our middle name,” Sheehan said. 

“We continue to invest in and develop industry-leading technologies in key areas, including water recycling, secure electronic file transfer, additive manufacturing (3D printing), ammunitions manufacturing and virtual reality.”

CTC is developing a patent-pending technology that makes virtual reality (VR) more real and could enhance both military training and entertainment applications. 

PolyFormXR™ is a modular smart floor designed to support location-based VR experiences with automated construction of physical infrastructure such as walls, windows, doors, stairs and large props.

“We are optimistic to see a variety of coordinated efforts to bring money, jobs and people into the region,” Sheehan said. “Vision 2025, a community-based effort, is focused on making a real impact to improve the area. Boutique Air is boosting air service in and out of Johnstown, which is good for the business community. The Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership has made great strides in bringing people and business downtown. 

“We are thankful for everyone who is working to enhance the business environment and quality of life in Johnstown.”

Crown American Associates

Located: 1 Pasquerilla Plaza, Johnstown.

Leadership: Michael Barletta, president.

Employment: There are 167 nonunion employees, down 14 from 2017. There are plans to hire 30 new employees.

History: Established in 1965.

General: Crown American Associates provides hospitality services. Revenue increased by 3 percent in sales.

The hospitality and service industry is constantly changing. 

Crown American makes sure its properties are updated with the best equipment and furnishings for the guests.

The new Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a candidate for the Torchbearer Award from Intercontinental Hotels Group.

In 2018, Crown American Associates introduced a new payroll system that was needed to keep up with changing technology.

“Johnstown has a great deal of momentum right now,” Bartletta said. “We are excited to be a part of the positive changes taking place in our community.” 

Dale Oxygen Inc.

Located: 146 Horner St., Johnstown; 1315 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona; and 1375 Wayne Ave., Indiana.

Leadership: Harry D. Bennear, president.

Employment: There are 28 nonunion employees, up by two from 2017. There are plans to hire one to three new employees.

History: Established in 1939.

General: Dale Oxygen provides industrial and medical gases, cylinder and bulk, welding and cutting equipment, industrial tools and safety supplies. It serves central and western Pennsylvania. 

The company’s sales increased by 21 percent.

Dale Oxygen made its business more productive by integrating new systems for efficient supply-chain management. The company’s sales process continues to be streamlined to uphold excellent customer service and the company responds immediately to customer inquires with CRM system.

Accomplishments in 2018 included the addition of new hires for management, sales and distribution. The company had record sales, growth and continued growth and expansion in new geographic markets.

Dale Oxygen looks to make a significant step forward in 2019 with automation within its packaged gas manufacturing capabilities.

“Manufacturing and technology remains strong and growing within our region,” Bennear said. “Vision 2025 continues to make positive strides forward in bettering our neighborhoods, recreation, community involvement and modeling Johnstown to other regions.”

Damin Printing Co.

Located: 122 S. Locust St., Ebensburg.

Leadership: Rene Damin, president.

Employment: There are 14 nonunion employees, up by two from 2017.

History: Established in 1952.

General: Damin Printing provides print services which include commercial printing, printed and embroidered apparel, promotional products, graphic design, direct mail services and on-site consultation services. It serves Johnstown, Somerset, Altoona, State College and Pittsburgh.

Revenue increased by 7 percent in 2018.

Damin Printing hired a marketing manager to help grow products and services with long-term plans to launch a full-service marketing division.

The company continues to look for new products and services it can offer clients, especially in the promotional products area.

In 2018, Damin Printing continued to grow its national brand and attract new customers through its large product offering.

Danchanko Inc.

Located: 111 Old Orchard Way, Johnstown.

Leadership: Matthew Danchanko, manager.

Employment: There are 14 nonunion employees, which is up by two from 2017. There are plans to hire two to three more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 2004.

General: Danchanko Inc. provides concrete, masonry and excavation for both residential and commercial. The company serves the Greater Johnstown area and surrounding areas of Cambria and Somerset counties. Sales were up by 10 percent in 2018.

Danchanko added a masonry division, providing a wide range of services, including faux and real stone work, chimneys, fireplaces and block work.

The company constantly researches new ways to improve its productivity without compromising its quality or customer service, including new systems as well as latest technology in time cards and job tracking.

In 2018, Danchanko increased sales, built relationships with local businesses, began having employees use electronic time cards and implemented electronic job tracking.

Danchanko has benefited by embracing the technology that is now available. All the changes have made the company want to be more proactive in the goal of a more electronic office that expands to the customers.

Danchanko saw an increase in the number of residential and commercial projects, which gives the company a lot of optimism for the future of the region. It wants 2019 to be the year that the company plays a more active role in the community, helping to make that happen. 

East Hills Power Wash

Located: 500 Horner St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Dana Mark Rager, president.

Employment: There are 10 to 12 nonunion employees, with plans to hire two more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1994.

General: East Hills Power Wash provides residential commercial, industrial power washing and steam cleaning. 

It serves in a 100-plus mile radius. The company had a 5 percent increase.

East Hills Power Wash added five surface cleaners and has new, more-efficient equipment, which reduces time significantly for each job.

Technology has helped with billing/invoicing, and processing is more streamlined.

East Hills Power Wash believes there is more opportunity for tourism and service industry and develop more shopping and recreation.

Edward Jones

Located: 356 Goucher St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Audrey Vance, financial adviser.

Employment: There are two nonunion employees, with plans to hire in 2019.

History: Established in 2006.

General: Edward Jones provided services which focuses on one client – the serious, long-term individual investor; commits to a long-term philosophy that emphasizes quality and diversification; and meets face to face to build strong relationships.

Financial advisers at Edward Jones rated the firm as Highest in Employee Adviser Satisfaction among Financial Investment Firms for the eighth time according to the J.D. Power 2017 financial adviser satisfaction study. For the 18th year, Edward Jones was named one of the best companies to work for by Fortune magazine.

For the 17th consecutive year, Edward Jones was named a top company for training, ranking No. 29 on Training Magazine’s 2017 Training Top 125 list. The company also was named one of the 50 Companies that Care by People magazine.

Edward Jones was named one of the country’s Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance by Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work.

First Commonwealth Bank

Located: 601 Philadelphia St., Indiana.

Leadership: T. Michael Price, CEO.

Employment: There are 1,518 nonunion employees, up by 13 from 2017. There are plans to hire in 2019.

History: Established in 1857.

General: First Commonwealth Bank provides a full range of commercial banking, consumer banking, mortgage, wealth management and insurance products and services through its subsidiaries – First Commonwealth Bank, First Commonwealth Advisors and First Commonwealth Insurance Agency. It serves central and western Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

Net income in 2018 was $107 million, a record for the bank.

In November 2018, it was announced that outgoing Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Dave Reed joined First Commonwealth Bank as regional president for the community Pennsylvania market.

In 2018, the bank debuted credit cards for businesses, the new money manager tool to improve customers’ online banking experience by allowing them to track spending, set goals, establish budgets and monitor their net worth.

In 2018, First Commonwealth completed the acquisition of Foundation Bank, expanding the footprint by five locations in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, region. Also in 2018, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund announced that First Commonwealth Bank was among 28 financial institutions across the country recognized for offering accounts that meet the newly updated Bank on National Account Standards. 

Accounts that are deemed eligible for certification are those that help provide access to safe and appropriate financial products and services to the more than 63 million people outside the mainstream financial system.

In 2019, First Commonwealth Bank will continue to expand the opportunities of a customer’s digital experience. One of these ways is continued upgrades to the ATM network, with deposit automation, touch-screen capabilities and other new features.

As the region continues to diversify its economic opportunities, it will serve as a catalyst to attract new businesses into the region, while also looking to preserve manufacturing and other family-sustaining jobs that are the lifeblood of our economy. 

1st Summit Bank

Located: 125 Donald Lane, Johnstown.

Leadership: Elmer C. Laslo, president and CEO.

Employment: There are 208 nonunion employees, up by one from 2017. There are plans to hire six more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1924.

General: 1st Summit Bank provides banking, financial and investment services in five counties in western Pennsylvania – Cambria, Somerset, Blair, Indiana and Westmoreland.

Total gross revenue for 2018, excluding securities gains, was $44,995,824 versus $42,018,477 in 2017, an increase of $2,977,347 or 7.1 percent. 

Total net income for 2018 was $10,749,942 versus $9,892,218 in 2017, an increase of $857,724 or 8.7 percent.

1st Summit Bank had a pay-it-forward campaign which did the following:

$1,000 bonuses to employees.

• Increased deposit rates to customers.

• Increased donations budget by 10 percent.

• Increased cash dividends.

1st Summit Bank offers its customers the latest in online and mobile banking services while continuing to enhance its deposit and loan products/services.

In 2018, 1st Summit Bank received the following recognitions:

• Top 100 organizations – Pennsylvania Business Central.

• Top 200 community bank – American Banker magazine.

• Best Bank to Work For – American Banker magazine.

• Extraordinary banking award – Banky Award – the Institute of Extraordinary Banking. Banky Award – Above and Beyond Customer Service Banky Award; Thank God It’s Monday Banky Award; Banksgiving Banky Award; and Money Smarts Banky Award.

• Best Places to Work in PA (18th consecutive year, sixth in medium companies) – Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

• Simply the Best Bank – The Tribune-Democrat readers.

• Simple the Best Financial Planner – The Tribune-Democrat readers.

Ongoing advances in technology allow the bank to provide new and innovative products and services. Customers can perform financial transactions when and where they choose through various means. In addition, their financial planning goals or personal budgets are available at their fingertips to help them stay on track. 

Significant investment in technology infrastructure continues to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and allows 1st Summit Bank professionals to spend more time helping customers meet or exceed their financial goals.

“The region seems to be on the rise,” Laslo said. “Economic activity has picked up, there are many job openings and individuals and businesses are willing to invest for the future. Vision 2025 is doing wonderful work behind the scenes to advance our region.”

F.N.B. Corp.

Located: 532-534 Main St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Vincent J. Delie Jr., chairman, president and chief executive officer at F.N.B. Corp. and First National Bank. John Franks serves as the retail banking executive responsible for F.N.B.’s central mountain region, which includes Johnstown.

Employment: There are approximately 4,500 employees.

History: Established in 1864.

General: FNB provides a full range of commercial banking, consumer banking and wealth management solutions through its subsidiary network which is led by the largest affiliate, First National Bank of Pennsylvania. 

Commercial banking solutions include corporate banking, small business banking, investment real estate financing, international banking, business credit, capital markets and lease financing.

The consumer banking segment provides a full line of consumer banking products and services, including deposit products, mortgage lending, consumer lending and a complete suite of mobile and online banking services. FNB’s wealth management services include asset management, private banking and insurance.

FNB’s six-state retail banking presence includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Revenue increased by 10 percent compared with the previous year.

Prioritizing investments meant to redefine the consumer banking experience, FNB continued developing and building on its customer centered Clicks-to-Bricks strategy, which integrates the company’s in-branch, online and mobile banking channels into a fully digital streamlined banking platform. Click-to-Bricks helps provide customers with the flexibility and convenience to manage their banking according to individual needs and preferences.

In 2018, FNB initiated the branch network roll-out of updated digital Solutions Centers designed with more features to help educate and engage customers on the different products and services the bank offers. Coinciding with this launch was the introduction of an interactive financial education program called Financial Insights, with a broad range of topics including Managing Your Checking Account, Buying Your First Home and Maintaining Good Credit. 

FNB also launched Zelle – a new person-to-person payment system enabling customers to easily send and receive money using U.S. mobile phone numbers or email addresses, with funds typically available within minutes. To optimize customer convenience, the company added to its growing fleet of Smart ATMs and ATMs with TellerChat, which allow customers to perform transactions with specialized tellers via video chat outside of traditional branch hours. The delivery of these advancements helps drive home the Click-to-Bricks strategy, ensuring customers receive a consistent and convenient experience no matter when or how they choose to bank with FNB.

FNB also announced plans to expand its presence into two new markets in 2018. The bank expanded its retail, commercial and wealth management services in Charleston, South Carolina, while extending its commercial and business banking services in Washington, D.C. 

Through the expansion, FNB added government contractor lending capabilities to its robust suite of products and services.

Focusing on long-term success, FNB invested heavily in employees, products and the regions it serves throughout 2018.

Dedicated to the betterment of its employees, the bank improved its benefits offerings, increased its hourly minimum wage and developed new resources and tools to help employees further succeed and grow both professionally and personally within the organization. Through these programs, FNB is able to recruit and train a talented workforce to better assist customers and make critical local decisions.

From a community involvement standpoint, the company maintained its strong commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities it serves through employee volunteerism, board leadership, sponsorships, financial support and more. Partnering with local organizations, including United Way of the Laurel Highlands, Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies, Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, Friends of Flight 93 and Cambria County Children & Youth allows FNB to remain actively engaged and make an impact where it matters most. FNB also invested in a digital platform featuring educational tools and resources to help improve financial literacy among students, customers and other members of the community so they can make better and more informed economic decisions.

Accomplishments in 2018 include being recognized for differentiated customer experience. FNB added six Greenwich Excellence Awards for high satisfaction among business clients, bringing its total to 40 since 2009. For a second straight year, FNB’s Mobile Banking App was named a leader in the mid-Atlantic region for features and innovation according to the 2018 US Mobile Banking Market Report, performed by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Consistently recognized as a top workplace in the markets it serves, FNB was honored for an eighth straight year in Western Pennsylvania by a third-party firm, based solely on employee feedback. The company was also nationally honored with the President’s “E” Award for export service by the U.S. Department of Commerce, for its significant contributions to the expansion of U.S. exports.

FNB has embraced changing consumer banking preferences, which increasingly center on individual needs and preferences.

Elements of the Clicks-to-Bricks strategy include:

• Delivering a consultative, rather than transaction-oriented, banking experience.

• Introduction of new, innovative branch design.

• Digital Solutions Centers with mobile touch screens, containing educational videos and side-by-side product comparisons.

• Financial Insights – a financial education program designed to drive financial knowledge, increase financial independence and aid in making smart, safe and informed financial decisions for learners of all ages.

• Smart ATMS and ATMs with TellerChat.

• FNB Direct Mobile Banking App.

• Online Banking.

• Zelle – a new person-to-person payment system

FNB will continue prioritizing investments in technology and the customer experience to fit rapidly evolving preferences.

Western Pennsylvania continues to rebound from the economic slump caused by the collapse of the steel industry as well as the financial crisis in the late 2000s. The current business climate and diverse economy in the region are further supported by an experienced workforce, well-rounded education system and overall affordability in terms of cost of living. These factors have allowed FNB and other companies to grow and achieve success. FNB looks forward to continuing helping other organizations thrive throughits in-depth regional knowledge, emphasis on local decision making and comprehensive suite of products and services that empower consumer and businesses of all sizes to succeed.

Geistown Tag and Title LLC

Located: 710 Scalp Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Tammy V. Watt, owner.

Employment: One employee.

History: Established in 2013.

General: Geistown Tag and Title provides a full-service notary and PennDOT-authorized motor vehicle messenger, agents for DCNR and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat.

The business has multiple notaries onsite and expanded on social media. The website has helped to increase business.

Geistown Tag and Title would like to see larger companies relocate to the area to increase job opportunities and help the communities to grow.

H.F. Lenz Co.

Located: 1407 Scalp Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Richard A. Madzar, CEO, and Thomas F. Deter, president.

Employment: There are 161 nonunion employees, up by six from 2017. There are plans to hire five to 10 employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1946.

General: H.F. Lenz Co. provides multi-discipline engineering services – mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/life safety, communications, civil and structural engineering; energy consulting; construction phase services; commissioning; LEED certification services and surveying. It has a nationwide service area.

Income increased by 4.5 percent.

H.F. Lenz continues to expand its marketing efforts in the southwestern U.S. and continues to increase and expand its sectors in Pittsburgh; Conneaut, Ohio; and Middletown, Connecticut, branch offices.

Core markets experienced solid growth, with most sectors gaining new clients in geographically diverse areas of the country. In the higher education sector, the company continues to serve its established client base while increasing its presence in the New England area. New clients included both public and private universities, while ongoing relationships continued to thrive at two Ivy League schools.

The company’s work with the federal government included diverse projects in several states such as multi-discipline engineering services for Department of Energy research facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Oregon. H.F. Lenz continues evaluation and design work on federal buildings in Pennsylvania and West Virginia through a contract with the General Services Administration. It continues the 20-plus-year history of providing services to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for multi-discipline design services at Letterkenny Army Depot in Pennsylvania.

The mission-critical group continues to see strong demand for its data center engineering services. In 2018, H.F. Lenz completed the planning and design of more than 2 million square feet of hyperscale data-center space, predominately in the active markets of northern Virginia and Dallas-Fort Worth. The outlook for this group promises to be strong in 2019, as H.F. Lenz continues to provide master planning services for major colocation providers, as well as executing the design of the builds.

The data-center clients also included health-care facilities and research universities requiring high performance computing data centers. H.F. Lenz was ranked the 16th-largest data-center engineering firm in the country by Building Design & Construction in its 2018 Giants 300 report.

Last year also saw an increase in health-care engineering services. The company expanded its market share in the Pittsburgh region with an emphasis on cancer centers, medical office buildings and specialty spaces within general acute-care hospitals. The team designed the prototype facility that is the base model for all Allegheny Health Network Cancer centers. In addition, the company provided design services for the 60,000-square-foot Forbes Cancer Center in Monroeville; the 38,000-square-foot St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Center in Erie; and the 55,000-square-foot fit-out of a 79,000-square-foot Hempfield Micro-Hospital and Cancer Center in Greensburg.

The civil engineering group was active in numerous statewide projects, including the civil/site engineering design for the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corp.’s Commerce Crossing seven-lot business park. The civil engineering group also continued design work for several colleges and universities, retail clients and mixed-use facilities.

As far as structural engineering, H.F. Lenz continued to provide services to both local and national industrial facilities, including upgrades and improvements to various manufacturing plants. The structural engineering group provided services for a new 311-room hotel at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The project is currently under construction and when completed will be the largest Candlewood Suites in the world.

Locally,  H.F. Lenz  recently completed design services for Westmont Hilltop School District’s high school and middle school renovation and expansion, the new elementary school and the high school addition. The company is working on the complete renovation of Cambria Heights High School.

Also, in 2018,  H.F. Lenz continued its multi-discipline design work at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County. This work entailed mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services for the new 93-foot Tower of Voices.  

JWF Industries

Located: 84 Iron St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Bill Polacek, president and CEO.

Employment: There are 450 nonunion employees, up by 100 from 2017. There are plans to hire in 2019.

History: Established in 1987.

General: JWF Industries has been a one-stop, small business manufacturer for 30 years involving five generations within the Polacek family. The company supports prototypes, low-volume and high-volume build-to-print production on a variety of programs, both nationally and internationally by designing, developing and integrating products for original equipment manufacturers, the federal government and the oil and gas industry.

In addition to commercial programs, JWF Defense Systems is responsible for programs that support the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. Environmental Tank and Container develops and manufactures a variety of products for the oil and gas industry, including ASME-certified pressure vessels and a line of ETC-branded equipment for the upstream and midstream markets.

JWF serves nationally and internationally.

JWF’s sales increased 30 percent from 2017 to 2018.

In 2018, JWF’s investment in new equipment that included: 

• Dual-arm robotic weld cell with a 20-foot reach.

• Single-arm robotic weld cell with laser tracker.

• Plate laser that can cut 5,300 inches per minute.

• Tube laser that can cut 800 inches per minute.

• New paint system capable of powder-coating products up to 20 feet by 40 feet.

The new equipment is making JWF more productive and efficient.

JWF continues to attract new business in all three of its sectors – commercial, oil and gas, and defense. On the commercial side, JWF continues to produce material-handling products for a major logistics supplier. In defense, JWF continues to build components for several new military vehicles. It has also secured several contracts for U.S. Navy programs. The oil and gas sector continues to recover from a downturn in that industry. The ETC division is successfully marketing two exclusive patented products – the Legal Load Tank and Stadium AST. Both products have been well received by the industry.

JWF continues to invest in new technology, whether it’s manufacturing equipment or software programs that make the operation more efficient and productive.

The company continues to be optimistic about the Greater Johnstown region. New initiatives at the local and county levels are helping to move our region forward. Continued cooperation between the city and the civic and economic organizations such as Vision 2025 is bringing new ideas and fresh thinking that will help our area grow and prosper.

Kabler/Thomas Financial Group, LLP

Located: 105A College Park Plaza, Johnstown.

Leadership: Eric Kabler and Barry Thomas.

Employment: There are 10 nonunion employees, up by one from 2017. 

History: Established in 2001.

General: Kabler/Thomas Financial Group, LLP, provides personal financial advisement and a full array of financial services, including investment and insurance products. Sales increased by 20 percent in 2018. 

Technology upgrades are in progress at the financial group. 

The financial group will continue to upgrade for security and efficiency. Recent investments in technology have produced positive results.

Kabler/Thomas Financial Group remains positive for the region and especially the outstanding residents.

MASSolutions Inc.

Located: 160 Jari Drive, Johnstown

Leadership: David M. Mastovich, president and CEO.

Employment: There are 12 nonunion employees, up by four from 2017. There are plans to hire three to four more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 2002.

General: MASSolutions is the world’s only No BS marketing firm.

There are reasons why companies become BS Marketers, but only one firm that will identify and eliminate each one for your business through our trademarked No BS Go To Market System which includes:

• Understanding your customer opportunity – learn what your customers and others really think about you and your brand.

• Hit the bull’s-eye targeting – leverage target-market segmentation to drive your positioning and branding strategy.

• Big idea messaging – define your why, your reason for being and your customers’ why, their reasons for buying to develop your big idea, the essence of your brand and story-telling.

• Strategic marketing solutions – combine the art and science of marketing to uncover ideas and strategies that drive measurable results.

• Activation plans – execution of your strategy is critical to avoiding the black hole of marketing where nothing seems to get done on time or on budget.

MASSolutions serves the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C., markets in the east, Los Angeles County in California as well as Oregon and Washington states in the west and various cities in between and across the United States. MASSolutions helps multi-billion dollar companies improve their marketing and also changes the game for companies with as little as $10 million in annual revenue.

MASSolutions has experienced double-digit growth for 13 consecutive years, with 2018 being the largest growth year.

MASSolutions’ Pittsburgh headquarters recently underwent both expansion and renovations, and now occupies parts of two floors in its Gateway Towers location. The upgraded office has a fully functioning podcast recording studio where the “No BS Marketing Show” is recorded weekly. There is a creative space for marketing strategy and ideation as MASSolutions’ helps clients achieve marketing success.

MASSolutions’ office in the JARI Center for Business Development meets the needs of clients in the Johnstown region as well as throughout Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Blair and Westmoreland counties.

With MASSolutions’ expansion across the U.S., particularly in southern California, there was a need for a West Coast presence. The addition of an office in Long Beach, California, provides MASSolutions the opportunity to better serve its clients there.

As a result of current and anticipated growth, MASSolutions President and CEO David M. Mastovich continues to build his leadership team.

MASSolutions expanded its client base, including its West Coast presence in California, Oregon and Washington as well as adding clients in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Kansas City and Florida.

In addition to his podcast, Mastovich increased the number of speaking engagements and public appearances in 2018 as a thought leader sharing his expertise on the national stage through keynotes and workshops. He’s been a guest on media outlets across the country.

MASSolutions continues to evolve products and processes to meet the client needs. In late 2017, MASSolutions introduced the No BS Go To Market System which helps to understand your customer opportunity – who your customers are now and who they could and should be. 

MASSolutions helps develop big idea and storytelling messaging pillars. It is with customers every step of the way on the marketing growth journey. From marketing intel and research to target market identification and segmentation to messaging development and campaign execution, the go-to-market system is the path to marketing success.

MASSolutions’ systemic approach to real marketing allows it to apply the No BS Go To Market system to clients of any size and any industry.

In the four years and nearly 300 podcasts since Mastovich introduced the “No BS Marketing Show” in 2015, the podcast’s impact has grown. Mastovich offers insights that help individuals with personal and professional growth, while offering strategies that lead companies to both top- and bottom-line growth. 

Nationwide Insurance Dott Insurance Group LLC

Located: 710 Scalp Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Joshua M. Dott, owner/agent.

Employment: There are three nonunion employees, with plans to hire another employee in 2019.

History: Established in 2016.

General: Dott Insurance Group offers Nationwide Insurance products, serving Cambria, Somerset, Indiana and Westmoreland counties. Dott Insurance recently added a Johnstown office to its existing Pittsburgh location. 

Dott Insurance is more productive by serving its clients from one convenient location. 

Accomplishments in 2018 include Bridge to Pittsburgh, having agencies in Pittsburgh and Johnstown. Technology has helped to broaden the customer base.

Dott Insurance’s optimism is to see the area continue to develop and grow.

Nulton Diagnostic and Treatment Center, P.C.

Located: 214 College Park Plaza, Johnstown.

Leadership: Larry J. Nulton, CEO.

Employment: There are 225 nonunion employees, up by 15 from 2017. There are plans to hire about 10 more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1995.

General: Diagnostic and Treatment Center provides mental health services in Pennsylvania. Revenue was up by 20 percent in 2018.

Diagnostic and Treatment Center increased its quality care and qualified staff. Accomplishments included new office development in the northeast part of Pennsylvania.

Technology has increased costs but also increased efficiency.

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

Located: 101 Community College Way, Johnstown.

Leadership: Walter J. Asonevich, president.

Employment: There are 239 full- and part-time staff, up by 14 from 2017. There are plans to add additional staffing.

History: Established in 1993.

General: Pennsylvania Highlands offers more than 35 associate degree, diploma and certificate programs to individuals across the Southern Alleghenies and western Pennsylvania. Penn Highlands has a variety of programs across seven areas of study: business and communication, computer information sciences, education, liberal arts, health professions, social sciences, criminal justice and technical and professional studies.

For people who are not sure what they want to do with their future, the college offers Career Coach – a website that allows individuals to take a career assessment, which matches them with industries that best fits their personality. Career Coach also offers regional career and job information, such as wages, employment, necessary training and current job openings.

Community education and career training is available through the Workforce Education Center. Some course offerings include veterinary assistant, phlebotomy, ServSafe certification, basic computers, professional medical coding and billing and American Sign Language.

Penn Highlands serves the Southern Alleghenies region: Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fulton, Huntingdon and Somerset counties. However, with various dual-enrollment options and the college’s online campus, the college can serve individuals outside of its main region.

When comparing fall 2018 with fall 2017, core credits enrolled remained relatively flat, yielding a 0.2 percent decrease in core credits sold.

In 2018, the college expanded its Blair Center by 14,000-plus square feet, and the Central Park Center added a classroom. 

The Blair Center expansion allows for additional programs in the Altoona area. As enrollment and program availability grow in Blair, there will be additional staffing needs. The addition of a classroom in downtown Johnstown allows for more workforce and community classes to be offered, which will also result in additional staffing needs.

Penn Highlands consistently strives to provide education and career-oriented opportunities that meet the needs of this region. The college established new programs in bookkeeping (certificate), social work (A.A.), substance abuse and addiction technician (certificate) and sustainable hydroponica agriculture and rural entrepreneurship (certificate). Additionally, the accounting (A.A.S.) and entrepreneurship (A.A.S.) programs were revamped to better match our region.

The Central Park Center in downtown Johnstown was renovated to include a 30-seat classroom and a 12-seat conference room. The classroom gives residents of downtown Johnstown easy access to courses and other programs offered by Penn Highlands. The conference room will provide businesses with a centrally located, comfortable space to hold meetings and other small events.

The Penn Highlands Blair Center held its grand opening for its expanded and updated space in July 2018. Overall, the Blair Center is 18,766 square feet and encompasses both floors of the Logan Valley Mall. 

The original size of the Blair Center was just 4,343 square feet. The state-of the-art facility includes five classrooms, one science lab, one computer lab, a student services area, and several comfortable areas for lounging or individual study.

Penn Highlands recently invested in Zoom technology. 

Zoom is the leader in enterprise video communications, with a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones and room systems. 

Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used in board, conference, huddle and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms.

Zoom technology makes it easier for Penn Highlands to offer one class across multiple facilities. For example, a class taught in Richland could also be taken in Huntingdon and Somerset in real time.

Prime Design Solutions Inc.

Located: 514 Coleman Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Brian M. Law, president.

Employment: There are six nonunion employees. May be adding a new position in 2019.

History: Established in 2005.

General: Prime Design Solutions is a full-service marketing agency. The company specializes in marketing strategy, website design and development, corporate identity packages and the design and production of marketing materials and printed collateral.

By partnering with its sister company, Innovative Tomato, Prime Design is also able to offer video and motion graphics, digital advertising and app development.

The majority of its clients are businesses in the general region of Pittsburgh to State College. Due to portability of services, Prime Design has clients across a larger region and nationwide.

Sales continued to stay steady in 2018.

Prime Design is focusing on content generation as well as traditional design services. The company has a photographer and copywriter on staff so it is a one-stop shop for anything within the world of marketing. 

Many of its clients benefit from having photos of the region and of their businesses in their marketing materials, rather than generic stock photos.

Accomplishments include continuing to expand its client list and having significantly expanded its work in the area of market planning and strategy.

In the world of web design, template websites are getting better all the time, which means the cost of a website is coming down for those clients whose needs can be met by a template rather than a custom design. At the same time, Prime Design continues to specialize in the development of custom websites.

Prime Design is encouraged by collaborations such as Vision 2025, 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health, Cambria County Drug Coalition and the many programs supported by the United Way of the Laurel Highlands and has been proud to support many of these efforts professionally.

The company has found that local businesses used to going outside the region for marketing services are more willing to consider a local firm, so Prime Design is optimistic that this means people are recognizing the value in shopping local for all kinds of products and services. The company would like to see Johnstown continue to work together to strengthen the local economy.

RE/MAX POWER Associates

Located: 1748 Lyter Drive, Johnstown.

Leadership: Bill Lease, broker/owner, and Sue Lease, associate broker/owner.

Employment: There are 12 agents, one full-time employee and one part-time employee, up by two agents from 2017.

History: Established in 2013.

General: RE/MAX POWER is a full-service real estate office working with sellers to get top dollar for their properties and with buyers to find the right properties to fit their needs. 

The company serves Cambria and Somerset counties, including Greater Johnstown, Windber, Ebensburg and Seward. 

Commission income increased by 62 percent.

RE/MAX POWER Associates keeps up with the newest innovations in real estate technology. In addition, agents provide professional, personal attention to their clients, helping them navigate the complex process of buying or selling, while keeping the clients’ stress levels to a minimum.

The company developed a great network of contacts that can help everyone get through transactions – from lenders to closing agents to handymen to contractors and more. RE/MAX POWER also strives to keep up with current legislative issues and local issues so that it can help clients finish their goal of closing on the property that they are buying or selling.

Accomplishments in 2018 included growth of the office and the hard work of the agents. 

RE/MAX POWER not only had a significant increase in commission income, but moved from fifth to third place in the Cambria/Somerset Association of REALTORS’ MLS office rankings.

The company continues to take pride in creating an environment where agents can grow and learn and also share their knowledge and experiences with each other. New ideas are always heard with an open mind.

Bill Lease completed 2018 as the Cambria/Somerset Association of REALTORS’ president and served on the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS 2018 legislative committee. Several of our agents also served on CSAR committees. 

We attend local government meetings that affect the real estate community and are involved in supporting community organizations.

Technology evolves and changes quickly in the industry. 

The internet is key in property searches by buyers, so RE/MAX POWER continues to strive to provide a quality presentation of the properties that the clients have trusted us to market for them.

The company uses cloud-based storage, so that the it has access to transaction details at all times – easily accessed on computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. 

Technology will continue to have a huge impact on how things are done, but excellent customer service is the key to success in the community.

RE/MAX POWER agents continue to be optimistic about the area we live and work in. 

The resilience of the people who live here is what makes this region a wonderful place to live. Many local people are pulling together to bring a positive attitude to the area. 

We applaud all of them and encourage others to become a part of these wonderful organizations.

RE/MAX Team, Realtors

Located: 2450 Bedford St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Suzette Colvin, broker/owner, and Bob Colvin, associate broker/owner.

Employment: There are 13 Pennsylvania licensed agents and two unlicensed administrative employees, up by four employees from 2017.

History: Established in 1999.

General: RE/MAX Team is an experienced, full-service real estate agency, home to the Bob Colvin Team, which provides listings, sales and rental/property management services for area consumers. 

RE/MAX Team provides designated seller and buyer agency representation and premier marketing services and technology to ensure an informed, successful transaction. RE/MAX Team provides multiple listing service in Cambria and Somerset counties and the surrounding area.

Total closed volume increased as reported to Cambria-Somerset multiple listing service of approximately 1 percent with $36,112,920 closed volume with 364 closed transaction sides.

RE/MAX implemented the rapid response concierge service, provided by licensed agent on the Bob Colvin Team, Brooks Lohr, who is available daily for immediate assistance for property information to answer consumer inquiries and coordinates with the licensed agents in providing information, technology assistance and setting/confirming appointments for them; along with other licensed team assistants Beth Colvin, closing concierge; Toni Skone, client coordinator concierge; and unlicensed assistant; and Theresa Rowe, listing input administration.

RE/MAX has focused concentration on providing designated representation for sellers and buyers in the transaction; and implementing technological innovations provided through the RE/MAX system by attending events and further education.

RE/MAX LLC honored the Bob Colvin team – Bob Colvin, team leader and diamond team award; Jeff Nider, platinum club award; Don Colvin and Danielle Burkhart, 100 percent club award; and Dennis Unger, executive club award. Bob Colvin was appointed to the 2019 Cambria-Somerset Association of Realtors board of directors. 

Suzette Colvin and Toni Skone were appointed to the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Professional Standards Co-op committee.

The RE/MAX Team office was named a Children’s Miracle office with more than $67,500 contributed since 2006. 

Advanced technology continues to enhance the real estate industry – with increased use of social media marketing, video coverage and products to assist the consumer with their purchasing needs.

Increased optimism that the area will continue to see steady, consistent growth with positive contributions from community groups, the Realtor community and collaboration between local businesses and residents. 


Located: 228 Maple Ave., Johnstown.

Leadership: Jimma L. Raco, president.

Employment: There are 39 nonunion employees, up by four from 2017, with plans to hire 10 to 12 employees.

History: Established in 2002.

General: RNDT Inc. provides nondestructive testing services to all industries and offers industrial testing such as radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic and visual. The company also offers positive material identification and certified welding inspector services. 

Its service area includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York.

The company’s revenue increased by 10 percent in 2018.

RNDT Inc. landed its largest contract ever in the 16 years it has been in business. The company added five mobile darkrooms to its fleet, giving the company a total of 15 darkrooms.

RNDT Inc. had all of its office computers upgraded with the latest technology available. 

The company received a certification for a women-owned business through Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB). 

Salon Vizions

Located: 1758 Lyter Drive, Johnstown.

Leadership: John Vizza, president; Kathleen Vizza, vice president; and Tammy Hale, manager.

Employment: There are 22 nonunion employees, with plans to hire one employee in 2019.

History: Established in 1990.

General: Salon Vizions by Vizza Inc. is a hair salon in Johnstown near the Westwood Plaza. Salon Vizions uses Aveda and Redken products. 

Salon Vizions serves customers in Cambria, Somerset and Blair counties and the surrounding area.

In 2018, Salon Vizions continued to add products to the newest line, Aveda. The salon continues to promote its newest service, Novalash, eyelash extensions that normally last as long as the natural eyelash. 

Salon Vizions added waxing for men, which includes full ear or partial ear, eyebrows and nose.

The stylists keep current on the most recent styles, skills and techniques by attending training classes. In 2018, Salon Vizions held a Reuzell men’s trendy haircutting and beard trimming class and an Aveda color and product knowledge class. The employees attended the international beauty show in New York City.

Salon Vizions advertises through TV, Facebook and Instagram. 

“We love our region,” Salon Vizions said. 

“Our area is a wonderful place with friendly, caring and loving people. Local changes that we would love to see are new businesses move into our region – large, medium or small businesses. We would love to see the remodeling of the train station continue and to offer more travel times in/out of Johnstown to Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. We would like to see changes to housing in the Johnstown area and for more abandoned houses to be torn down so that we can see the beauty of the city. We would also like our neighborhoods to be cleaned up and to become safe again. We pray for our region regularly and hope for good results. We also thank the members of our council, police, fire and EMT services for all of their support and hard work.”

Select Specialty Hospital

Located: 320 Main St., third floor, Johnstown.

Leadership: Kelly L. Blake, CEO.

Employment: There are 142 nonunion employees, up by seven from 2017. There are plans to hire 10 employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1998.

General: Select Specialty Hospital provides a critical illness recovery hospital, and is licensed as a long-term acute care hospital, specializing in chronically and critically ill patients.

Serves 10 counties – Armstrong, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Clearfield, Elk, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson and Somerset.

Select Specialty has 39 private patient rooms, providing bedside procedures to assure patient safety and excellent care. Select Specialty provides extensive education for staff and expects high quality care. 

The excellent quality outcomes are proof of the superior care delivered. As part of its commitment to a great patient experience, Select Specialty is devoted to tracking, reporting and analyzing quality metrics.

Select Specialty is a pulmonary center of excellence, traumatic brain injury and stroke centers. These are internal certifications that follow stringent guidelines.

Select Specialty transitioned to an electronic medical records system.

Select Specialty has high expectations for the region. The hospital participates in a number of activities that impact the region. Select Specialty volunteers to decorate the city park for Halloween along with participating in the Halloween parade for several years. The hospital’s #giveback committee is made up of staff members and leadership with the sole purpose of giving back to the community. 

The hospital participates in Relay for Life, Downtown Johnstown Development Veterans program, Cambria County Humane Society, Cambria County Backpack Project, Branches of Mercy food drive, the Salvation Army Treasurers for Children, Keystone Stockings for Soldiers and the Lung Center Foundation Beacon of Light walk, to name a few.

Sherry Lynn’s Ballroom Dance Center

Leadership: Sherry Lynn and Brian Harshberger, owners.

Employment: There are three employees.

History: Established in 1999.

General: Sherry Lynn’s Ballroom Dance Center provides dance lessons for couples, singles, bridal couples, young adults, teens, persons with special needs and senior citizens. 

Dance lessons are taught in both private and group settings in more than 20 styles of partner dancing. Friday night dance parties are held regularly.

Students attending classes reside in Cambria, Somerset, Indiana, Bedford and Blair counties as well as surrounding areas.

Zumba classes are more popular and varied than ever. 

With four certified instructors the classes are always fresh, fun and specialized. 

Sherry Lynn’s has a facility for birthday parties, bridal showers, work events, private parties, baby showers and wedding receptions.

In 2018, the studio received a new, larger lighted sign, new exterior siding and new carpeting in the studio lobby.

Sherry Lynn’s provides regular dance instruction for students of the Greater Johnstown School District as part of its After School Live program. Currently, the classes are available for middle school students with the hopes of receiving another grant to provide classes to elementary students as well.

A new program also has been added to enhance the lives of residents of personal care facilities. Through well-prepared choreography and upbeat music, residents are dancing in and from their chairs.

Goals for 2019 are continuing to provide the best quality dance experience in the Johnstown area by:

• Offering professionally taught private and group lessons to valued ongoing students.

• Hosting themed dance parties to encourage the use of dance steps taught and learned by students.

• Providing personalized first dance choreography for brides and grooms.

• Utilizing the top 20 programs to enhance the business – teaching 20 new couples/students; 20 bridal couples; and welcoming back 20 former students as part of the 20-year celebration.

Sherry Lynn’s continues to grow and mature with a steady flow of new students and an ongoing core group of long-term highly dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated dance and Zumba students.

The goals for 2019 have set the bar high for the business. 

With diligence, persistence, patience and passion, Sherry Lynn’s is poised to be a positive presence in the Johnstown community for many years to come.

Slovenian Savings & Loan

Located: 361 First St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Louis Vuckovich, president.

Employment: There are 36 nonunion employees.

History: Established in 1915.

General: Slovenian Savings & Loan provides financial services including deposit accounts – checking, savings, CD and IRA; and loans – mortgage (purchase, refinance, construction), home equity, home equity lines of credit, auto, motorcycle, personal and stock. Slovenian serves in Cambria and Somerset counties.

Keeping up-to-date with technology, Slovenian launched remote deposit for its customers. 

Slovenian offers products and services to better serve the communities with the personal approach it has offered for more than 100 years.

Updyke Enterprises

Located: 149 Speicher Lane, Boswell, and 48 Harmony Drive, Johnstown.

Leadership: Zane Haze Updyke.

History: Restarted in 2019.

General: Updyke Enterprises provides delivery and sales of firewood, mulch, gravel and other products; dump-truck service; estate clean-outs; business clean-outs; scrap metal recycling and hauling; snow plowing; building contractor clean-ups; and tire sales.

The company serves Cambria, Somerset and Westmoreland counties.

Updyke Enterprises recently bought a 4x4 dump truck with a plow. The company keeps expenses to an minimum and provides quality products and services with efficiency at a value to the customer. Updyke Enterprises also is flexible and a larger variety of services will give more opportunities to expand the customer base. 

Technology has helped advertising through social media and the internet.

The area is moving in the right direction with high quality music festivals and events and sewage and water being upgraded. The Jehovah’s Witness conventions at the 1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial have brought many benefits both financially and morally to the Johnstown region.

UpStreet Architects Inc.

Located: 541 Philadelphia St., Indiana.

Leadership: Karen L. Welsh, president.

Employment: There are 21 nonunion employees, up by one from 2017. There are plans to hire one or two more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1994 in Indiana and 2017 in Johnstown.

General: UpStreet Architects Inc. is a full-service architecture firm specializing in multi-family housing, mixed-use developments, government facilities, manufacturing spaces, historic preservation, commercial developments, single family residences, financial institutions, assembly buildings, interior design and landscape architecture. It serves in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Ohio.

Sales for 2018 were comparable to 2017.

In 2018, the firm continued building a presence in Johnstown with additions to the staff and investment in technology and equipment. In addition, UpStreet Architects has continued to expand its efforts in green building certifications within the housing projects.

UpStreet Architects has taken steps to optimize the advantages to having two locations. The sharing of resources (technology and people) has made our organization stronger in terms of depth and collaboration.

In 2018, UpStreet Architects received a number of accolades, including Karen Welsh’s recognition by YWCA’s Tribute to Women in the business category, as one of Pennsylvania Business Central’s Women Making a Difference and PBC’s Top 100 People of 2018. Tom Harley also was recognized by PBC’s Top 100 People of 2018. 

The firm received a gold designation in the Indiana studio as a Sustainable Small Business by Sustainable Pittsburgh. UpStreet launched its new website, hired three new team members and added new signage at the Johnstown studio. 

Housing Development was featured in a case study in Metal Architecture magazine’s December issue.

The four new PHFA funded housing developments we design will be built to earn either silver designation through the National Green Building Standards or Enterprise Green communities certification.

In addition, UpStreet completed Behavioral Health of Cambria County’s renovation of the former Dollar General in Central Park Commons and is finalizing the work on several major projects: Roxbury Place senior housing in Johnstown, which will be built to the passive house standards; Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped’s expansion and renovation projects and four multi-family housing developments in the state are nearly completed.

Technology has provided access to greater data and analytics as well as enriched design capabilities. 

This allows UpStreet to focus on innovation and enhanced services for its clients. With 3-D renderings, the clients can walk through the space before it is constructed. The staff is often able to work remotely. 

This will become even more possible with the further development of apps and cloud services going forward. This is an exciting time for UpStreet’s industry.

UpStreet is optimistic about the future of the region. If our list of prospective projects is any indication, we feel there is momentum building with new construction and renovation throughout the region. 

The time is right for a coordinated marketing effort of the Johnstown region to promote all of its accomplishments to outside investors and developers. There is a great story to tell the world of all the opportunities here.

USSCO Federal Credit Union

Located: 532 Oakridge Drive, Johnstown.

Leadership: Todd L. Cover, CEO.

Employment: There are 40 nonunion employees, up by four from 2017. There are plans to hire more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1958.

General: USSCO Federal Credit Union offers a full range of financial services for individuals and businesses, from checking to savings accounts, Visa EMV-enabled credit and debit cards, online banking and bill pay, goDough mobile banking app with mobile check deposit, everyday low loan rates for CheckingPlus line of credit, home equity and home equity lines of credit, signature and secured loans, and one-stop indirect lending solution to buying a vehicle with Ask for USSCO Financing at the Dealer, traditional and Roth IRAs, CDs and valuable members-only discounts on Sprint with cash back rewards. 

USSCO Federal Credit Union provides business services, including no-account analysis and no-fee business checking.

Small business services include business credit cards, commercial mortgage financing, commercial vehicle financing and equipment financing. 

Professional services from USSCO’s strategic partners include health insurance, commercial/individual insurance, next-day funding merchant processing, mortgages, payroll services and financial planning solutions.

The service area includes community offices in Richland Township, Moxham, Somerset and Ebensburg.

USSCO had a good year in 2018 with the successful merger with JSTC Employees Federal Credit Union.

The credit union celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018. 

USSCO converted all Visa credit/debit cards to EMV-chip enabled cards to help protect members from identity theft and skin skimming/cloning schemes, the most common ways thieves compromise magnetic strip cards.

USSCO and JSTC merger was approved by the National Credit Union Administration on July 1, 2018.

The credit union continues to improve its infrastructure and organization, emphasizing the outstanding member service that separates it in the marketplace while it strengthens its products, processes, training and people.

The credit union continues to reach out to consumers whose banks are closing offices or reducing hours who don’t realize they can easily join USSCO as a friend of the Cambria County Public Library. 

USSCO pays the membership fee and then donates the entire amount back to the library to help them acquire new books, provide computer/internet access, and other essential programs and services that support and enrich the community. USSCO donated $6,600 to the library in 2018.

Accomplishments in 2018 includes being recognized as Simply the Best Credit Union in 2018. 

The biggest accomplishment was the successful merger with JSTC Employees FCU and subsequent conversion to USSCO’s operating platform. As a result of the merger, USSCO is recognized as the largest credit union in Cambria County, with assets in excess of $121 million, reflecting its 2018 theme “Stronger Together.”

The merger added approximately 1,600 new members to the USSCO family, four hardworking and experienced employees, and $15 million in total member deposits/shares. 

Year-end financial highlights (unaudited) include increases of 12 percent in membership, 14 percent in loans, 17 percent in deposits and 40 percent in equity.

USSCO continues to be optimistic about the current marketplace. We see sustained, manageable future growth, while gaining a larger market share through continued outreach and education efforts to attract new members and increase current members’ share of wallet. 

Vale Wood Farms

Located: 517 Vale Wood Road, Loretto.

Leadership: Bill Itle, president.

Employment: There are 40 nonunion employees.

History: Established in 1933.

General: Vale Wood Farms provides milk and dairy products. It serves within about an hour radius of the farm in Loretto. Sales continue to be steady. 

The farm began producing yogurt smoothies, an all-natural drinkable yogurt that adds another fun product to its full line of milk and dairy products.

In the dairy business, you must gain efficiencies every day in order to keep the doors open. 

Accomplishments in 2018 include new products while staying true to the commitment  that quality dairy products begin with a healthy, happy herd of cows.

Vale Wood Farms has added the ability for customers to sign up for delivery and to manage their orders online. Home delivery customers also can choose automatic credit card payment.

Vale Wood Farms is lucky to have amazing local customers who appreciate local farms and food.

Veteran Community Initiatives Inc.

Located: 727 Goucher St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Tom Caulfield, president/director.

Employment: There are five nonunion employees, up by one from 2017.

History: Established in 1993.

General: VCI provides services to veterans, veteran family programs, services and benefits awareness. VCI services a 14-county area including the Laurel Highlands and Southern Alleghenies.

VCI is constantly keeping up with the changing needs of veterans of all eras – from World War II to present-day war-on-terror veterans.

Accomplishments in 2018 included a veterans caregiver program available to those taking care of veterans.

VCI continues to expand its technology and provide opportunities to veterans and their families.

VCI is very optimistic for the area as we work together on projects and initiatives to not only serve veterans more effectively, but the entire communities we live in.

Wessel & Company

Located: 215 Main St., Johnstown.

Leadership: Joel Valentine.

Employment: There are 50 nonunion employees, up by two from 2017. There are plans to hire two more employees in 2019.

History: Established in 1958.

General: Wessel & Company provides accounting support, tax planning and financial reporting to help businesses, organizations and individuals thrive. The professionals are trained in complex regulatory and compliance issues which include tax incentives and credits.

The service area includes western and central Pennsylvania.

Wessel’s revenue increased by 5 percent in 2018.

Wessel recently completed a renovation of its Johnstown office. The company continues to invest in technology to remain at the forefront of the profession. Wessel invests in training programs and certifications that allow the staff to better serve clients. Through the membership in the BDO Alliance, the company is able to offer national resources to its employees and clients.

Accomplishments in 2018 include being named a Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania for the 11th consecutive year. 

Wessel has deeper knowledge building within the firm, which contributes to a high CPA exam success rate.

Wessel has invested in technology to have all of the resources to effectively serve clients in the most efficient manner possible. Recently, Wessel has begun implementing the use of artificial intelligence software programs into certain audit engagements. This could add efficiency and effectiveness to the future of the profession.

Wessel & Company has an increased level of optimism.

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