Johnstown Police Department cruiser

A Johnstown Police Department cruiser is parked outside the Public Safety Building on Monday, April 9, 2018.

Three men have been charged for their roles in a what police are calling a robbery-turned-shooting over drugs and cash at a Moxham home Monday.

Police said a Johnstown man, Aaron Dudley, was shot in the mid-torso while he and another man were fleeing the scene of a robbery at gunpoint at a Jacob Street home.

Johnstown police said a nearby witness spotted a man later identified as Lucas Antkiewicz, 18, who said, "he just robbed me," while another, Austin Azzarella, 21, pulled out a handgun and fired two rounds up the street, striking Dudley.

An investigation revealed Dudley and Isaiah Louchert, a Jacob Street resident, threatened the other men at gunpoint to hand over a backpack containing $4,000 in cash, a cellphone and narcotics moments prior to the shooting.

Police said they talked to two people in the neighborhood who heard or saw the shots being fired and a silver sedan fleeing from the scene.

Fellow police Officer Doug Komar spotted a sedan that matched the car's description and executed a traffic stop. After talking with the vehicle's occupants, Azzarella and the vehicle's driver were transported to the Public Safety Building, where Azzarella admitted to firing his weapon, police said.

In a criminal complaint filed Monday, Detective Mark Britton wrote that a spent silver 9mm round was found inside the Jacob Street residence. Antkiewicz was charged with firing his gun into the home after returning to the residence.

Antkiewicz was identified partly due to his attire, which included a white shirt and orange socks. He was spotted walking on Grove Avenue and taken into custody at gunpoint, police said.

He was treated at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's emergency room for a hand injury – which police said was caused by smashing the Jacob Street home's side door before the shooting – and then taken to the Public Safety Building.

All three men face a list of charges.

Antkiewicz, whose listed address was homeless, is accused of two counts of aggravated assault, firearm possession and recklessly endangering another person.

Louchart is charged with robbery, theft, receiving stolen property and terroristic threats.

Azzarella is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person.

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