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Randy Jeffreys as Henry Windscape, Doyle Yernaux as Derek Meadle, Kyra Kozielec-Gilmore as Melanie Garth and Dan Morgan as St. John Quartermaine (from left) interact during a scene from “Quartermaine’s Terms,” by Simon Gray. Seven cast members from the Stone Bridge Players performed the play on July 6, 2019, at the Johnstown Flood Museum.

The Stone Bridge Players performed “Quartermaine’s Terms” for a packed house Saturday night, continuing their staging of two comedies at the Johnstown Flood Museum.

Audiences have been enjoying the 19-member company’s performances of the Simon Gray drama, along with Ray Cooney’s “It Runs in the Family,” in front of three sold-out crowds so far, said director Rodney Eatman.

“I think (Stone Bridge Players) has been here for a while, so people trust us,” Eatman said. 

“These actors are really dedicated. They love theater.” 

“Quartermaine’s Terms,” features five scenes that take place over a three-year period in the 1960s inside the staff room of the Cull-Loomis School of English for Foreigners in Cambridge, England. 

The seven-member cast consists of Johnstown residents, including Jayme Brooks, who plays Anita Manchip.

Brooks said “Quartermaine’s Terms” is driven by its characters. 

“You really have to have a strong idea of who you’re portraying,” she said. 

“There’s always something you can pick up on. There’s a lot to see.” 

The play is structured in a way that relies on pauses, which is challenging, added Jarod Shark, who plays Mark Sackling, but audience reactions “reinvigorate the show,” said Randy Jeffreys, who plays Henry Windscape. 

With the intimate setting created by the small theater at the Flood Museum, Kyra Kozielec-Gilmore, who plays Melanie Garth, said the audience becomes a sort of unspoken cast member, listening in as each character discusses interpersonal relationships with other individuals who never come on stage. 

“Everyone in the audience can find something to connect with in their real lives,” said Paul D. Newman, who plays Eddie Loomis. 

Doyle Yernaux, who plays Derek Meadle, said that dynamic is what makes the play relate to the characters.

“It’s stretched me as an actor considerably,” added Dan Morgan, who plays St. John Quartermaine.

Both Morgan and Newman, who plays Eddie Loomis, are also cast members in “It Runs in the Family.” 

The actors said the two plays couldn’t be more different. 

“It Runs in the Family” follows a disturbed punk who invades a large London hospital in search of his real father and manages to set the entire facility on its ear, complete with mad chases, window-ledge escapes, missing patients, disguises and response from London police. 

Morgan and Newman, play Dr. David Mortimore and Sir Willoughby Drake respectively, while other cast members include Jose Luis Otero as Dr. Mike Connolly; Owen P. Standley as Dr. Hubert Bonney; Abigail E. Ketley as Matron; Tamera Gindlesperger Fisher as Jane Tate; Angela R. Godin as Rosemary Mortimore; Kieran P. Cullen as Leslie; Eden Balog as Miss Flanders; Ron Carnevali as police sergeant; and Martin E. Radovanic as Bill. 

The shows, which are the company’s ninth production and the fourth performance at the Washington Street site, are produced by David Ward, while lighting and sound design are by Thomas Brubaker.

Sharol Wissinger is choreographer and technical, design and directorial staff includes Joe Lombardo, Linda Capp, Madeline Gyure, Suzan Mulkey, Forrest Newman, Kaylyn Blake, Lindsey Horner, Laken Burkhardt and Kyra Miller. 

​Jocelyn Brumbaugh is a reporter for the Tribune-Democrat. Follow her on Twitter @JBrumbaughTD.

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