Michael Burgan

Richland Township police Chief Michael Burgan talks with reporters on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016.

Recent traffic monitoring on Leventry Road has convinced Richland Township police Chief Michael Burgan to ramp up the department’s presence on the roadway.

Township police spent four different days in September monitoring traffic speeds and found that the average motorist was traveling 11 to 15 mph over the corridor’s posted 35 mph limit, chief Burgan said.

Burgan said police monitored traffic over several different days – and several different times of the day. The results showed a noticeable percentage of drivers are speeding but not at rates that shocked him.

“I think what’s needed up there is a habit change for some drivers,” Burgan said. “We’re going to use active speed monitoring up there the way we did recently on Theatre Drive (to reduce traffic speeds).”

Township police conducted their speed study after two Leventry Road residents brought a petition to a township supervisors meeting this summer, asking the board to cut the speed limit and make other changes.

Burgan said the township would have to hire an engineering firm to conduct a traffic study – that might not recommend those changes – to change signage. But he’s optimistic the department can control the neighborhood’s traffic by enforcing existing laws.

Police units will be stationed on the road through various times of the day in problem areas, he indicated.

“We’ll be pulling people over,” Burgan said. “This will give motorists a reminder that this is a residential area.”

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