Cambria County

Monday: Baked meat loaf with gravy, baked potato, creamed corn, wheat bread and cookie.

Tuesday: Tuna salad sandwich, lentil soup with crackers and orange.

Wednesday: Sweet sausage minestrone over bowtie pasta, carrots, dinner roll and fruit.

Thursday: Baked breaded chicken, scalloped potatoes, lima beans, white bread and pineapple delight.

Friday: Barbecued pork ribette, sweet potato bites, green beans and fruit.

Somerset County

Monday: Hot dog, pickled egg/beets, citrus fruit salad and peanut butter cookie.

Tuesday: Ham, green beans and potatoes, mixed green salad with cheese, banana and rye bread.

Wednesday: Chicken noodle soup, tuna salad sandwich, tomato and cucumber salad, fruit salad and crackers.

Thursday: Meat loaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, vegetables, diced peaches and wheat dinner roll.

Friday: Baked smoked sausage, cheesy hash browns, peas, fruit cup and chocolate chip cookie.

Somerset County Meals on Wheels

Monday: Dinner: Chicken patty, mixed vegetables, scalloped potatoes, pickled beets and dessert. Supper: Homemade soup, cheese sandwich, applesauce and raisins.

Tuesday: Dinner: Fish, parsley potatoes, corn, tossed salad and dessert. Supper: Homemade soup, sandwich spread, peaches and orange.

Wednesday: Dinner: Spaghetti, carrots, Italian bread, coleslaw and dessert. Supper: Homemade soup, peanut butter sandwich, mandarin oranges and banana.

Thursday: Dinner: Ham, yams, peas and carrots, cottage cheese, vegetable sticks and dessert. Supper: Homemade soup, chicken salad sandwich, pears, melon and berries.

Friday: Dinner: Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli, kidney bean salad and dessert. Supper: Bread, apricots and melon.

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