Buffalo Creek Bridge

Employees of Joseph B. Fay Co. work on the bridge for Route 219 over Buffalo Creek near Garrett on Aug. 5, 2016.

MEYERSDALE – The opening date for the newly constructed, 11-mile segment of the U.S. Route 219 project from Meyersdale to Somerset has proven somewhat elusive after 20 days of rain this month.

“We are endeavoring to complete the project this fall, but with the rainy patterns continuing, we are not yet able to predict an exact opening date,” said Tom D. Helsel, project manager for PennDOT.

Pavement for all 11 miles of the project has been finished.

“But we still have all the ancillary subcontracted work to complete,” he said. 

Among that ancillary work is the addition of guiderails, rumble strips, signing, pavement markings, delineation and highway lighting, Helsel said. He also listed “seeding and mulching, sawing/sealing, along with project cleanup and punch list items” as still to be completed.

The $236 million project is federally funded. 

In addition to the four-lane highway, the project includes bridges at Mud Pike, Garrett Shortcut, Walter’s Mill, Pine Hill, Swamp Creek and Buffalo Creek. The last of those bridges is 1,100 feet long and soars over Buffalo Creek atop 220-foot-tall piers.

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