The following poems were written by participants in the Goodwill GoodGuides Youth Mentoring Program:


I may not be perfect, but I can dance.

I always wish for happiness.

I do my best to understand math.

I can create pictures.

I want the people around me to feel excited.

I hold onto some things forever, like my grandfather.

I have unusual ideas, like crazy things.

If I were an animal, I’d be a dog.

I have a secret talent – I can fight fires.

I am a firefighter!

           – Jessica of Eighth Ward.


I want you to walk one mile,

Just one, in my shoes.

I want you to see how you can hurt me,

I want you to see what goes on behind my masks.

I want you to know what it’s like

When a person is happy.

I want you to know how I feel

When I am sad.

I want you to know my heart.

My love is like a waterfall.

I want you to walk one mile,

Just one, in my shoes.

– Christopher of Hornerstown.


If I were a mountain,

I would love summer

And I would hate winter

And I would know to stay still.

If I were a pilot,

I would notice that I can fly

And I would believe every airport is my home

And I would realize that I am important.

If I were a fly,

I would sense food

And I would think about more food

And I would never test a fly swatter.

If I were a missionary,

I would preach the Gospel

And I would feel the joy of the Lord

And I would hope for everyone to be saved.

If I were a builder,

I would build stuff

And I would feel great

And I would hope to be a famous builder.

– Christopher of Hornerstown.

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