As you stay awake at night and allow your thoughts to gather and process into your own understanding, have you ever thought about how you got there in the first place?

We as humans find peace of mind in what exactly?


Do we create our own happiness or do we find happiness in something?

Are we too busy catching up on what happened in the past to reflect on what has yet to come?

What is preventing us from unleashing these unfulfilled desires we retain within us?

These are questions to ask yourself.

How often do you find yourself searching for something that has not yet been discovered?

Go and look at the person in the mirror. Will the persona that you see be a figment of time to represent your entire life work? No – the simple answer is “no.”

We often look at who we are now and find something wrong with ourselves. We are our own worst persecutors, we create an image of ourselves and start finding things wrong with it.

Our own persona is created by ourselves, and we get so caught up in where we are now rather than saying, ”what about tomorrow?”

The problem with that is motivation. Where is your motivation to “fix” these problems that you have created?

We as teenagers in the 21st century have it pretty rough, I’d say. We are growing up in an age where everything is online: social media, school, doctor’s appointments, etc.

But what limitations do we have?

During the COVID-19 outbreak we had a lot of limitations set in place, but how did it stop you? Did you stop scrolling on social media or stop watching TV shows? I bet not, and that is because it’s become a part of our daily routine.

One of the first things I do when I wake up is check my cellphone. I, too, am a victim. We find happiness in our cellphones, and social media only makes it easier. With the world at our fingertips, how could we not fall into this?

People who struggle with anxiety or depression often find their happiness and that feeling of joy with social media and that is because our minds release a chemical called dopamine. When we encounter happiness or something that makes us feel good, dopamine is released and it is an addictive chemical our body wants.

So when somebody with anxiety or depression is having a moment of sadness or nervousness, his or her body’s first resort is to do what creates happiness.

What problems can occur from having your cellphone or social media as your primary source of happiness? You cannot rely on these things. The internet goes down, then what? You’re left stranded with a useless cellphone in your hand.

What we need to do is not to discover our own limitations, because that’s easy. You can say, “Oh that looks hard, so I can’t do it.” But what we have to do is find how far our limits can go.

Instead of giving ourselves a limit, let us find the limit; let us discover what we can do without prior judgment.

Go and look in the mirror and instead of finding something wrong, find something that makes you happy. If you think you lost weight, let that drive your happiness.

Every time you make a decision, you will think about that moment in the mirror and you will find a way to make that even better. To lose even more weight or to gain more muscle.

The point isn’t in losing weight or gaining weight; it’s the journey it took you through. You found happiness in something that you can control and in something that doesn’t have its limitations.

So the next time you find yourself longing for happiness, don’t search for it, create it.

Jacob Fetzer is a junior at Greater Johnstown High School.

Jacob Fetzer is a junior at Greater Johnstown High School.

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