Video of a painted fence on Reagan Street taken Saturday in Sunbury went viral Monday, June 22, 2020.

SUNBURY — A video of a painted fence on Reagan Street in Sunbury went viral Monday after it made its way to the website, TMZ.

The fence was spray-painted with the misspelled words, "Wighte Lives Matter," causing several people to protest across the street from the home near Catawissa Avenue, this past weekend.

Within 24 hours the fence was painted over but protesters remained through Sunday, Councilman Chris Reis said.

"I was made aware of the situation and saw people protesting," he said.

"This spraypainting incident is not a reflection on the city as a whole. Over the last two and half years on council, I have seen groups pushing for diversity around the city and being as accepting as possible to all genders and races."

A video of people driving by the sign found its way to TMZ Monday night.

Mayor Kurt Karlovich said that even though he is a believer in people's constitutional rights, he wants the country to know the sign does not represent all of Sunbury. 

"I support the Constitutional Rights for all Americans but the message is not a reflection on the values of the city of Sunbury," Karlovich said. "I am glad to see it was removed within 24-hours. It is a shame that this message went viral but perhaps it can be a learning tool for us to be accepting of each other."

As the video began to go viral Monday night, Law & Order: SVU actor Ice T retweeted a photo of the fence on his Twitter account. 

TMZ claims they got the video from a TikTok user, according to the TMZwebsite. 

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