A drug dealer who was ready to party in Johnstown on the night he was shot to death was described Tuesday as a big spender ready to buy his friends drinks and clothes.

Instead of going to a party, Darnell “Woo” Alexander, 29, who had been living in Johnstown, ended up being shot twice – in the head and in the neck – early Sept. 24, 2004, in a secluded area of the city’s Woodvale section.

One of his friends – 26-year-old Alexander Bush of the Harrisburg area, formerly of Johnstown – is on trial for first-degree murder in the slaying.

Defense attorneys maintain that Bush, who was a police informant, shot Alexander in self-defense to save his own life.

The defense contends Alexander had found out Bush was a police “snitch.”

Prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case today. The defense has not yet said whether Bush will take the witness stand.

Details of the victim’s lifestyle as well as the events of the night of his death emerged in testimony from Amanda DeAngelis, his girlfriend, and Jerome Rozier, who was with Bush and Alexander the night of the shooting. Both are Johnstown residents.

DeAngelis said she met Alexander in the summer of 2004 at a city bar, where he was buying everybody drinks.

“He dressed real nice and had a chain (necklace),” she said.

Alexander made his money selling drugs, she said. The night she met him he had about $2,000, but at other times carried less, DeAngelis said. Once when he returned to Johnstown after visiting Las Vegas, he pulled up a carpet in her apartment where he had hidden a large amount of money, she said.

The two of them lived together for three or four months before he was killed, she said. Although he had a house in the city’s Kernville section, they slept at her apartment in Moxham, DeAngelis said.

His place was equipped with security cameras, and he kept two pit bull puppies there, she told the jurors.

She recalled that she last spoke with Alexander on his cell phone earlySept. 24, 2004, after he left the Pony Lounge, a Richland Township nightclub.

He said that he, Rozier and Bush were going to Sherman Street, she said.

DeAngelis said that she heard him “ask Alex (Bush) for a gun because people had tried to shoot him on Sherman Street.”

Rozier testified that after he, Bush, Alexander and Bush’s friend “Black” left the Richland club, they went to Sherman Street, where they frequently hung out. It was then, Rozier said, that “Woo got a call, and then he asked Alex to give him that ‘burner.’ ”

Rozier explained that “burner” is a term used for a gun. He said he didn’t see the gun.

Shortly afterward, Bush mentioned a party in Woodvale, Rozier testified.

Although defense attorneys questioned whether it was actually Alexander instead of Bush who suggested going to the party, Rozier insisted it was Bush.

Bush gave directions to an area off Plum Street, where Rozier parked the car, and the four men started walking toward the wooded area, Rozier said.

“Black” soon headed back to the car, Rozier recalled.

“I didn’t hear no noise. I seen a white building. There were no lights,” he said.

Suspicious that there was no party, Rozier said he told the two other men, “They stood you up,” and turned to head back to the car.

Suddenly, he said, “I heard a gunshot. I heard footsteps, somebody running. I turned around and seen it was Alex (Bush).”

Asked where Alexander was, Bush replied, “just get in the car,” Rozier said.

Rozier testified that when they got into the car, Bush said, “He busted the (guy). He told me he’d bust me, too, if I said anything, and if he couldn’t get to me, he’d get to my kids.”

Bush then directed him to an area by the Little Conemaugh River, where he tied the gun in a plastic bag and threw it into the river, Rozier testified. Bush also crumpled up a plastic ID card that apparently belonged to Alexander and threw that too, he said.

The police, despite searches by an FBI underwater search team, never found the murder weapon.

Nigel Tisinger, another Johnstown resident, testified that he drove Bush and “Black” to the train station several hours later to catch a train to Harrisburg.

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