In the Ferndale Area School District two incumbents and one challenger will square off to fill two open school board seats.

Only Region 3, which encompasses Brownstown and Lorain boroughs and Middle Taylor Township, will have a race. The outcome in the Ferndale and Dale borough regions was decided in the primary election because current board members, Barbara J. Penna and Sandra Chobany, ran unopposed.

The positions are four-year terms.

Republican Greg L. Blue, 45, has served on the school board since 2003, and is looking to continue his involvement with the district.

The Middle Taylor Township resident hopes to stay on the board because he wants to work to keep the district afloat and together.

“There are some difficult times to come in the district and I want to see that things don’t fall through,” he said.

Blue is pleased with the teachers and administrators in Ferndale, and is happy to have a principal in the high school who the district can count on for many years.

“You get a commitment out of the teachers here,” he said.

Blue feels he’s a good fit for the board because he’s routinely at board or special meetings and is active with students in each school in the district.

“I’m proud the board can get things accomplished in a timely manner and don’t push items off,” he said. “Members of this board have been here long enough so we’ve really jelled together.”

One change Blue would like to see is the use of the elementary school gymnasium for high school activities.

“Before I was on the board an ordnance was signed that stated only elementary activities could go on there, and so in my time I’d like to see that change,” he said.

Republican challenger Florence Berkebile, 65, threw her hat into the ring primarily because she feels Lorian Borough needs better representation.

“We have nobody representing us right now,” she said. “I want to help out and see what we can do for this borough, but also represent all the areas in the Ferndale School District.”

Berkebile has two grandchildren in the district, and believes it’s important to be a part of their education.

She also is active in many community clubs and organizations, where she has held various positions of leadership. She thinks that will help her be an effective board member.

“We need to see what we can do to better this school,” Berkebile said. “I’d also like to get the kids more activities.”

Democrat Robert E. Vamos, who is seeking re-election, had no comment.

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