One member calls the policy over-reaching, yet the Northern Cambria school board has revamped its weapons policy to ban lookalikes such as squirtguns.

In an 8-1 vote, board members also added ammunition to its weapons policy on the advice of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

As in many area districts, the policy “prohibits students from possessing and bringing weapons/ammunition and replicas” into any school buildings, property or vehicle.

But Director Delvin Lockard voted no, saying the policy goes overboard.

“I don’t call a squirtgun a lookalike,” Lockard said at a recent board meeting.

“I think (students) should be allowed to have lookalikes with adult supervision.”

Lockard said it is not fair to allow the district’s marching band to use fake guns in the color guard at parades and football games.

But Superintendent Tom Estep countered Lockard, saying he had inspected the drill team equipment.

“Those drill team implements don’t have a barrel or a trigger, and I would not classify them as a lookalike,” Estep concluded.

“Everyone hunts around here,” Lockard said.

“We should be arresting everyone who drives past this school during hunting season, because no one is allowed to have a firearm within 1,000 feet of the school.

“I think this is a bad policy.”

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