Like a game of telephone, rumors from two separate incidents at Rockwood Area School District spread from student to student at the district’s elementary school Friday.

And administrators still are working to quell worries about weapons and threats on school property.

The story started Friday, high school Principal Mark Bower said.

On a bus heading to school, some elementary school pupils overheard a couple high school students. One of the older students said something about a knife at home in what reportedly was an innocent conversation.

Later, one of the same elementary pupils saw a teacher upset in the hallway and linked the two unrelated situations.

By the end of the day, rumors about threats and weapons at the school had spread throughout classes and eventually to teachers.

“Both incidents have been investigated over and over,” Bower said.

“It is so important that students who are concerned tell an adult.”

Administrators met with students in fourth, fifth and sixth grades Tuesday to talk about what happened.

They also sent a letter home to parents to reassure them that the school is safe and that the rumors are untrue.

Concerned parents called in Friday to find out what was going on, Bower said. The calls died down during the weekend but started up again Monday night. About 17 students were absent from the elementary school on Tuesday, Bower said, adding that the number of absent students was not unusual.

“It is sad this is the society we live in,” Bower said. “This is what our students are worried about.”

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