Hometown Bar & Grill

The Hometown Bar & Grill is seen on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Shots were fired outside the building in the early morning.

An early Sunday bar fight that ended with shots fired alongside Scalp Avenue started on a dance floor between two women who didn't know one another, Richland Township police said.

But while investigators continued interviewing witnesses to the melee Monday, the investigation remained ongoing, Detective Thomas Keirn said.

"We're still trying to get additional information on some of the people involved," he said.

Police said the altercation was set in motion after two women bumped in to one another on the Hometown Bar & Grill's dance floor. Others quickly stepped in, Keirn said Sunday.

"It escalated into swinging and shoving and pulling hair," he said, noting that bar staff quickly stepped in and forced the group outside.

Within moments, shots were fired outside, police said. One bullet struck one of the bar's dining room windows, but no injuries were reported.

The bar's owner, David Murgas, told The Tribune-Democrat on Sunday that the incident was both frightening and a first for his bar. He's planning to add a video surveillance system and security measures to help prevent such incidents in the future.

Keirn said Murgas is doing the right thing.

He said he encourages businesses to install cameras. They can both protect their businesses from intruders – and provide detailed evidence when crimes occur.

"I always tell businesses that it's their call. But cameras don't lie. They don't tell stories," Keirn said. "Think about what video might have meant in a case like this."

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