The shirts Windber resident Joseph Cominsky ordered last week say it all: “Have a heart ... No wind farms!”

Cominsky, who owns land in Ogle and Shade townships, was among those who pleaded with Shade supervisors to stop windmill development in the township at a meeting Thursday.

“Save this pristine piece of wilderness,” he said.

Gamesa Energy approached Cominsky about a project to place 60 windmills in two phases.

Supervisors, who have been considering an ordinance for a couple of years, said the issue is complicated.

“It isn’t as easy as running out and passing an ordinance,” township Solicitor Scott Bittner said.

Somerset County has an ordinance in place to address wind farms, but many at the township meeting said it does little to restrict wind development.

Terry Doran, vice president of the Folmont Property Owners Association, said destructive development could crop up while residents await a township ordinance. The Folmont development includes about 100 Shade Township landowners.

Meanwhile, he asked that supervisors impose a moratorium on the turbines.

Again, township officials said they didn’t have an immediate solution.

“We might be in a position where we can’t say no, legally,” supervisors’ board Chairman John A. Topka said.

Bittner didn’t give insight into how long it might take to determine whether a moratorium is possible, or whether the township could deny wind companies building permits.

Township landowner Peter Walsh said he hopes residents can have a say in the ordinance.

“The land and forest are why we are here,” he said.

Those who want to join Cominsky’s call to “Save the mountain” can reach him at 467-8747.

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