A Bedford County man is asking the court to hold his murder trial in another county or bring in a jury from elsewhere because of extensive media coverage that included details of his criminal record, including sexual violence.

In a 14-page petition filed Wednesday for Joseph William Clark, defense attorney Thomas Crawford of Pittsburgh maintains there have been more than 150 newspaper stories region-wide, with 32 mentioning Clark’s criminal history.

Crawford termed the coverage “inherently prejudicial.”

Coverage by TV and radio stations is available only by subpoena, Crawford said, so his petition does not reflect the number of stories that aired.

“A Bedford County juror would have to be deaf, blind or illiterate to be unaware of this case,” Crawford said in his request to Judge Daniel Howsare.

Clark, 47, of West Providence Township, was arrested in April 2005 in the kidnapping and murder of Holly Notestine, a 25-year-old mother of two. Police said she was kidnapped on April 30, 2000.

The Monroe Township woman’s skeletal remains were found in March 2004 along a logging road a few miles from Clark’s home.

But while there has been media coverage of the case back to the time of the disappearance, any move for an out-of-county jury is premature, Bedford County District Attorney William Higgins said.

Jury selection is set for Oct. 16 in the capital murder case.

No hearing date on the change of venue petition has been scheduled.

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