Artists create for others, not just for themselves.

Mozart learns this a little late in his musical career in “Mozart and the Kiss of Death,” which will be presented by Star Productions at 7:30 tonight and at noon Aug. 4 and 5 at the JFK Center on the campus of St. Francis University, Loretto.

“This play is about learning that artists create not just for themselves and for money, they create to touch and reach people,” said the play’s director, Kenny Resinski.

“Shakespeare and Mozart didn’t create thinking they’re going to love me in 2006. They reached out to people. In so doing, they reached beyond their years.”

To bring Mozart’s life into the present, Resinski has given the play a punk motif.

Mozart, who will be played by Michael Fox of Portage, has an 18th century-style coat, but it’s leather. He wears an 18th-century wig, but it’s spiked.

“The whole idea is to take a classic and put it in a framework that’s more accessible,” Resinski said. “We place it in a more friendly 2006 atmosphere.”

Even Mozart’s music has been updated for the production.

Dominick Peruso Jr. of Huntingdon, an Ebensburg native, has composed special musical variations on Mozart’s themes, focusing on several passages from Mozart’s “Requium,” which is believed to be the last music Mozart composed before his death.

“His music is more electronic, but he didn’t write pop tunes,” Resinski said.

Other cast members are Josh Hoover of Patton as the Grey Messenger and Bronwyn Stevens of Cresson as Mozart’s wife, Constanze.

Costumes were designed by Bonnie Marie Resinski of Loretto.

A dinner-theater will be held at 6 tonight at the JFK Center.

Because the play is short, a lunch theater will be held for the noon presentations on Aug. 4 and 5.

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