Convicted murderer Omar Williams returned to Cambria County Court Monday, hoping to get a new trial in the shooting death of one of his friends in 2003 in Johnstown.

Williams, 37, of Great Neck, N.Y., was sentenced in May to life in prison without possibility of parole in the Sept. 2, 2003, slaying of 31-year-old Oaye Griffin.

Griffin was killed when a masked intruder broke into his apartment in Johnstown’s Moxham neighborhood and shot him in a second-floor bedroom.

The victim’s girlfriend, Kenya English, who was wounded in the shooting, identified Williams as the masked intruder.

William’s did not testify at his November trial, but he repeatedly has told reporters that he is innocent.

Williams’ new attorney, George Bills of Pittsburgh, argued Monday that the conviction was unjustified based on the evidence presented at trial.

Bills, during his legal argument, had repeated conferences with Williams and raised various legal issues, including English’s identification of Williams as the shooter.

During the trial, it was disclosed that English initially had not told police that Williams was the masked intruder.

But county Assistant District Attorney Forrest Fordham recalled that English had said she had been using drugs and prescribed medication at the time.

“She never wavered in her identification, and she was cross-examined pretty heavily at times during the trial,” Fordham said.

Fordham told Judge F. Joseph Leahey that there had been sufficient evidence presented by the prosecution for the jury to find Williams guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Leahey said he would rule on the matter before a Sept. 15 deadline for handing down a decision.

Williams, if he does not obtain a new trial, will be allowed in a post-conviction appeal to raise questions regarding the effectiveness of his trial attorney, Michael Giampietro.

Bills questioned whether Giampietro should have called character witnesses on Williams’ behalf and whether he had failed to make timely objections.

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