On Tuesday, Brian Subich of Johnstown spent his Fourth of July squaring up against some of the world’s fastest hot dog devourers.

He did it just the way that works for him: He took each hot dog out if its bun, snapped it in half and swallowed it in two bites. With one gulp, he swallowed each bun.

“It makes more sense to do it that way,” Subich said from his New York hotel room.

Subich and 19 competitors fought for the world title in the 91st annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y.

Just past the first minute of the 12-minute competition, Subich had 6 hot dogs and buns down. In the end, he had crammed 22 down his throat.

But he wasn’t fast enough to oust the winner, Takeru Kobayashi.

The champion eater from Japan won the Nathan’s event for the sixth consecutive year by chomping down 533/4 frankfurters.

“I eat the same way he does,” Subich said. “I didn’t win, but I think I did well.”

The former Johnstown city councilman said he thinks he placed in the top half.

“It was a heck of an experience,” he said. “And, I finished among the top 10 in the world.

“It was really amazing to walk out to 25,000 people cheering,” he added.

After the competition, Subich rested and drank plenty of water.

“I’m full,” he joked.

Subich is making a vacation of the experience in New York with his wife, Theresa, 11-year-old son, Nicholas, and 15-year-old stepson, Jacob.

On Tuesday night, they planned to watch New York City’s fireworks display. They also visited the Empire State Building and had lunch in Central Park.

Overall, Subich said his performance could have been better, and it will be when he tries again next year.

“Some days you hit a home run,” he said. “Some days you just hit doubles.”

On June 10, Subich qualified for the eating contest by placing first in an International Federation of Competitive Eating contest in Norfolk, Va.

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