Flood-prevention efforts have shown results and may open the door for more Paint Township development.

That was the good news Monday from Jeff Haynal of the township’s engineering firm, The EADS Group of Somerset.

EADS engineers have led Paint Township’s corrective action plan required after stormwater twice overloaded sanitary sewers, sending several feet of raw sewage into Jackson Avenue basements. Under the state-ordered plan, Paint Township supervisors have been working since last year to reduce stormwater infiltration into the sanitary sewers.

“We have made some very preliminary reviews,” Haynal said Monday at the supervisors’ regular meeting. “They have significantly reduced the (infiltration) flows. I expect to have the township request to be released from the corrective action plan.”

New development in Paint’s Graham Avenue area has been hindered by state-imposed limits on new sewer taps as part of the corrective action plan.

“If they (the limits) are lifted, it will take a lot of the pressure off, but that will be up to the Department of Environmental Protection,” Haynal said.

Much of the excess may have been coming from residential downspouts, driveway drains and other sources illegally connected to the sanitary sewers.

The EADs engineers and supervisors tested sewers at every home in the Horner Street area for improper connections, finding 58 homes with violations.

“All the corrections have been done,” Supervisor David Blough said. He added that the township is waiting for two real estate transactions to be completed in order to obtain a property owners’ signature acknowledging the completed inspections.

In addition, five manholes that were inadvertently paved over or buried through the years have been uncovered and will soon be inspected for leaks, Haynal said.

Windber Borough and Windber Area Authority also are under state orders to complete corrective action plans. The orders came down after torrential rains May 31, 2006, caused sewage backups in Jackson Avenue basements for the second time in eight months.

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