Perhaps a cherished bit of local history in the former coal-mining village of Colver will be preserved after all.

The former Colver Clinic, slated for demolition for the past four years, now will go on the sales block instead.

The Cambria County Redevelopment Authority notified Cambria Township supervisors at their meeting Monday of plans to offer the 94-year-old building for sale, with a minimum price of $6,000.

Bids are due and will be opened on Oct. 23.

Since 2000, when the last owner defaulted on property taxes and left town, the building has deteriorated.

In May, Cambria Township police reported that X-rays, patient files, billing information and medical materials were strewn outdoors. The building had been left open, township Officer Boyd Sherry said.

Fire officials deemed it a hazard and urged that it be demolished.

But Larry Custer, executive director of the redevelopment agency, said there was interest in saving the building, even though he could not disclose the potential developer.

Cambria County Commissioner P.J. Stevens said there has been a meeting about a possible purchase. “They’re looking at additional ground to make it more viable, and possibly increase the parking area,” he said.

The clinic was built in 1914 by Eastern Coal Co., which founded the village of Colver and built the houses and company store.

Dr. Alexander Martin ran it from 1924 to 1974, and the United Mine Workers union owned it from 1940 to 1974.

A native of Canada, Martin operated the facility as the area’s first HMO-style medical facility, with monthly fees of

$2 for the hospital and $1.50 for doctor’s fees and medicine.

Doing everything from delivering a baby to removing an appendix, Martin and his hospital were as much a part of the mining heritage as the mine itself.

The last owner was Dr. Aragam Subbarao, who bought the property in 1986 for $30,000 but did not pay property taxes and left town in 2000.

The Redevelopment Authority administers block grant funds for Cambria County and assists municipalities with rehabilitating buildings and demolishing vacant, dilapidated structures.

The minimum price for the parcel is $6,000, and proposals to redevelop the site are due by 11 a.m. Oct. 23 at the redevelopment authority office in Ebensburg.

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