State health inspectors told Cambria County officials Friday that Laurel Crest employees must be more diligent in following procedures when moving residents with mechanical lifts.

That finding and others came after a week of intense scrutiny prompted by the injury of a resident who died days later.

Coroner Dennis Kwiatkowski has not determined whether the death of the 64-year-old terminally ill woman was caused by the fall. He said he is awaiting a pathologist’s report.

President Commissioner P.J. Ste-vens said there was no suggestion Friday from the inspectors that the incident would jeopardize Laurel Crest’s one-year operating license.

The latest incident occurred less than two weeks after the 370-bed facility received a regular operating license.

The home had been operating under a provisional license for six months because of deficiencies.

Officials have said the resident was dropped while being lifted Aug. 9 from a chair to a bed. The unidentified woman was transported to Memorial Medical Center for treatment and was returned to Laurel Crest several hours later. She died Sunday at the nursing home.

The mechanical-lift issue was one of three raised Friday by the inspectors with Laurel Crest administrators and the county commissioners, Stevens said.

The other areas include record-keeping on staff evaluations and staffing levels in general.

How many deficiencies are cited will not be known until the state sends its written report to Laurel Crest on its findings.

Laurel Crest then will be required to submit a plan of corrections to the state. Inspectors then are likely to make a follow-up inspection before Oct. 16, Stevens said.

“Under the circumstances of the incident, the scrutiny was very heavy,” he said, “but at the same time, there was constructive criticism.”

The state, which had been notified of the incident soon after it happened, sent inspectors to Laurel Crest on Aug. 10. After taking the weekend off, inspectors worked all week at the facility.

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