A boy who lost his eye a week ago as a result of horseplay prior to junior high football practice returned to school Wednesday.

The injured boy’s family has asked the school district to ease punishment on the boy who caused the injury.

Northern Cambria School District officials confirmed Wednesday that David Wise, 13, of Marsteller returned to classes and, according to Superintendent Thomas Estep, “is reported to be having a good day.”

The young football player was hit in the left eye with a stick, which was thrown javelin-style by a 13-year-old teammate while the team was preparing for football practice. The boys were momentarily unsupervised when the injury occurred.

Doctors at Memorial Medical Center were unable to save Wise’s eye.

According to the district’s solicitor, Gary Jubas, the perpetrator and his family have retained Altoona defense attorney Thomas Dickey.

Wise’s father, Francis, thought the school’s punishment – removal from extracurricular activities and a 10-day suspension from classes – was too harsh, Jubas said.

“After consulting with the victim’s father, and on his recommendation, we invited the child back to school on Tuesday so that we could get him some counseling, and for some tutoring to get him caught up on his studies,” Jubas said.

“The district and Mr. Wise felt this would help to make the transition back to the classroom go smoothly.”

Estep said that the ban from the football team stands. “(Involvement in extracurriculars) has yet to be decided. We will discuss it with our school board.”

Estep said the unsupervised practice issue was addressed among employees and coaches. “Our practice has always been that students are to be supervised at all times,” he said. “It applies to all students in all activities and academic settings, not just to football players.”

The young offender also faces additional juvenile charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and simple assault.

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