Junked cars, dilapidated buildings and hazardous materials storage are under the gun in Adams Township.

An anti-nuisance ordinance went into effect during the weekend, giving the township a new tool to address property maintenance and other complaints.

The new law stems from a situation in which neighbors faced a building whose roof was literally falling down, Solicitor William G. Barbin reminded supervisors before the final passage Aug. 24.

“We had no ordinance to deal with it,” Barbin said. “We thought we did, but we couldn’t find it.”

Mount Hope area residents at the meeting applauded the measure, citing problems with several properties in their area.

“We are here because of exactly that situation,” Ronald Grigg told supervisors. “This is a good first step.”

A provision to outlaw grass more than 6 inches tall in residential areas raised concerns with some.

Supervisors William “B.J.” Smith and Ron Kauffman said they would vote against the ordinance if it included that provision.

“You can’t have that for someone who doesn’t mow for three weeks,” Kauffman said.

Enforcement requires some discretion, Supervisor Dennis Richards said.

“It’s only common sense,” Richards said. “We are not going out and getting people who go on vacation and don’t mow.”

After some discussion, supervisors unanimously approved the ordinance after adding a stipulation that a citation would be issued for grass that is at least 6 inches for at least 30 days.

Any citation requires 30 days notice to correct the violation before fines are imposed, and the township can enter the property and correct the violation at the owner’s expense.

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