Kristy Malzi

Kristy Malzi, owner and president of Full-Heart Service Venue, is shown in her place of business in Acosta, Pa., on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

ACOSTA – Kristy Malzi has big plans for the old Somerset County house she bought a few months ago.

“I’m running three different businesses out of here,” she said on Thursday afternoon, just before the ceremony marking the official grand opening of her modeling and talent management agency.

Malzi, 45, a Johnstown native and Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate, explained in an interview how she’s begun using the house as a headquarters for the long list of small businesses she either has already launched or plans to start soon.

Located in Acosta

She and her husband paid about $70,000 at a sheriff’s sale for the property, located at 517 Acosta Road in the village of Acosta, located just off Route 985 south of Jennerstown.

She thinks the building might once have been the rectory for the Catholic church located next door, All Saints Chapel; more recently, it housed a drug rehabilitation facility, then sat vacant for some time until Malzi took possession of it in mid-January.

The layout of the two-story, 2,000-plus-square-foot house resembles nothing so much as a maze – featuring captive

bedrooms, at least two kitchens, an attached recreational hall and a functioning sauna behind a windowless door in the back of a basement storage closet.

“We thought it would be an ideal spot, with a huge house,” Malzi said.

“There’s eight to 10 bedrooms in here that we’ve fully refurnished, and how many bathrooms. We have a fully finished basement that we’re putting a whole rec area in, with a full-sized TV – pretty much a theater – as well as pool tables, dart machines, legal gambling machines. … We put a lot of work into it. We repainted everything. We refloored everything. We scrubbed all the carpets. We ripped out the beds and put new beds in.”

The property is now home to KatS Model and Talent Management; KatS Bed & Breakfast, which should be officially up and running within the next couple weeks, according to Malzi; and Full-Heart Service Venue, which Malzi said can handle “weddings, baptisms, graduations, corporate events, any type of party planning.”

Secondhand store

She also runs a small secondhand store out of a back room, and she mentioned conceptual plans for a salon, a nursery and a business renting out rooms or other parts of the property for the use of area photographers.

Malzi, who identified herself as a recovered addict and said she recently obtained an online ministry degree, also said she’s launching a faith-based mission called AH2S, which she said is “geared toward 12- to 17-year-old girls with life-controlling issues” such as addiction.

“I came up with the nonprofit agency because I feel we have a terrible problem with (addiction) in this area,” she said, “as well as other areas, and we should have something to get people involved in other activities in order to get them off the street and out of the addiction process. … I just felt that, with the youth in this area, there’s not a whole lot of activities for the youth, and I figured if we could pull them off the streets, get them involved in numerous activities …”

Other plans

To that end, she said, she’s got plans to host dinner theaters, talent shows, fashion shows and other such events.

“I think it’s a beautiful area out here,” she said.

“It’s rural. It’s quiet. The people here are genuinely kind.

“We’re in the area between Johnstown and Somerset, so I hope we can market ourselves to people traveling through the area and give them a nice place to stay.”

Mark Pesto is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter at @MarkPesto.

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