Niccola Henry In The Spotlight

Niccola Henry, owner of Niccola’s Hair Salon in Geistown, cuts the hair from a wig for a client who has cancer.

Making women feel beautiful one wig at a time.

A few months ago Niccola Henry, owner of Niccola’s Hair Salon, 434 Belmont St. in Geistown Borough, decided she wanted to do something for women battling cancer that would help ease the challenges they face while undergoing treatment.

“I’ve been doing hair for 25 years and I thought this was a chance to do something different and give back to the community,” she said. “My goal is to help the client gain their self-confidence back, which will make them feel better about themselves and be stronger during cancer treatments.”

When a woman expresses an interest in the wig service a free consultation is set up.

Henry will perform the private consultation that will include determining the best custom wig to fit the client’s lifestyle, needs and budget.

Then the client will have the opportunity to look over a variety of wig styles online, and they’ll discuss hair length and color and highlight options.

“I’m not big on synthetic, and I want everything to be natural,” Henry said. “I want the hair to be natural and feel natural – that’s the key. You want to look like yourself.”

For women who are losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments, Henry can cut it or shave it off – whatever makes the women feel most comfortable.

“I’m right there with her, and I’ll walk her through everything and she’s not alone,” she said.

The wig is then customized to fit the woman’s features.

“Every wig, it doesn’t matter what you pay, it needs a custom fit,” Henry said. 

“You need to texturize it to get rid of the bulk so it looks natural. She can always come back and we can cut it later.”

The wigs are top of the line and of superior quality.

“They don’t look like a wig, and you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s not your hair,” Henry said.

All services, including upkeep on the wig, is offered free of change to cancer patients. 

At this time, the client is responsible for purchasing the wig.

“We’re working on trying to find sponsors so we can give away a wig every month to client who can’t afford it,” said Stephanie Brant, who is volunteering on the wig project. “We’re new at this and just don’t have the funds to supply the wigs.”

Henry said they’ve already had a few women taking advantage of the service.

“They love it,” she said. “We have one lady who likes the fact that she’s not alone ,and she feels good about about herself.”

Brant added that the difference in that woman was night and day from when she first came in.

“You see that she was sick but when  (Henry) spruced her up she was like a whole different person,” Brant said. “She was smiling and so excited. We want them to feel better so they can fight harder.”

Henry said they have reached out to area oncologists and cancer support groups to help get the word out about the service. 

They also plan to attend the Taunia Oechslin Girls Night Out event and the Cancer Survivor’s Conference at Pitt-Johnstown in hopes of reaching more women.

“We’re trying hard to get the word out so people know,” she said.

The wig service also is available to men and women who might be experiencing hair loss for any reason including alopecia, thyroid, trauma to the scalp or heredity.

“I like to make every client feel good about themselves,” Henry said. “I love doing it, and it’s fun. It’s inspiring to help someone who is sick to help bring them up. I find that rewarding.”

For more information on the wig service or to set up a consultation, call the salon at 266-5059.


Kelly Urban is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. She can be reached at (814) 532-5073. Follow her on Twitter @KellyUrban25.

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