Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang

Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang

Relatives of a Friedens couple accused by police of faking the birth and death of a child say they fear this isn’t the first time they were fooled.

Geoffrey Lang, 27, and Kaycee Leigh Lang, 23, were charged by state police last week with theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

State police say the pair “feigned the existence and death” of a child named Easton Walt Lang.

The author of an obituary for “Easton Walt Lang” published in the July 13 edition of The Tribune-Democrat said the infant was preceded in death by a sister, Dalilah Rose Lang.

Cristina Piscar, Kaycee Lang’s mother, said she organized a gender reveal party for her daughter and, eventually, a funeral for her grandson.

“We all sat there and bawled our eyes out,” she said. “None of us had any idea. We sat and cried over a baby doll.”

An affidavit filed by state police in Somerset says that on July 19, a report was made that the Langs had faked the pregnancy and the child’s birth and death.

Police viewed pictures of “Easton Lang” that had been posted on the couple’s Facebook pages and said those photos “matched the appearance of a newborn look-a-like baby doll,” the affidavit says.

During interviews with police, Kaycee Lang claimed the baby was born at 3:11 a.m. July 3 at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, but died hours later of respiratory distress syndrome, the affidavit says.

State police were able to confirm there were no records of “Easton Lang” or Kaycee Lang with the Cambria County Coroner’s Office, the Somerset County Coroner’s Office or Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, according to the affidavit.

In addition, the affidavit says Kaycee Lang told police she was discharged from the hospital because “there was no reason for her to be at the hospital since she did not have a baby anymore.”

Geoffrey Lang allegedly told police that he was not present at the hospital for the baby’s birth and death, but that the baby’s body was cremated at Hindman Funeral Home.

Hindman Funeral Home personnel confirmed to police on Aug. 6 that they had not cremated anyone named “Easton Lang,” according to the affidavit.

Investigators who executed a search warrant at the Langs’ Kent Lane home on Aug. 6 allegedly found an urn personalized for “Easton Walt Lang” and what was described in the affidavit as “a lifelike baby doll,” among other items.

A page on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website through which users can collect donations, was eventually created for the couple. Police said at least six people donated money, groceries or other items to the Langs, either at a baby shower before the child’s “birth” or after his “death,” some of which were contributed through the GoFundMe account.

Piscar, who lives in Westmoreland County, said she thought her daughter looked pregnant and viewed what she believed were sonogram photos of her grandson.

She said she became suspicious when her daughter didn’t want anyone at the hospital with her and only had two photos of the baby, neither of which appeared to have been taken at the hospital.

“Things just weren’t adding up,” she said.

Anger and concern

Piscar said family members covered the cost of an engraved urn for “Easton Lang,” which contains ashes she said look as though they’re from human remains.

Kaycee Lang is not in jail for the charges, which are all misdemeanors, but Piscar said the last text message she received from her daughter said, “if anything happened, I don’t know anything about it.”

Piscar said her daughter has been on medication for bipolar disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and a mood disorder since she was 8 years old, but stopped taking those medications at 18.

“I just know she needs help,” Piscar said. “I feel bad to an extent, but I’m also mad.”

Piscar’s husband and Kaycee Lang’s stepfather, James Piscar, said he was angry when state police called to tell them about the theft charges last weekend.

“I had to pull the car over and sit for 5 to 10 minutes,” James Piscar said.

James Piscar also acknowledged his stepdaughter’s personal struggles, but said he wants the couple to be prosecuted.

“I don’t condone anything she did,” James Piscar said. “You can’t do this. This is the worst thing you could ever do.

“But we think this is the second time.”

Three years earlier

James and Cristina Piscar say Kaycee Lang alleged that a daughter, Dalilah Rose Lang, died shortly after her birth on April 27, 2016.

Cristina Piscar said she had suspicions about that pregnancy, birth and death and eventually contacted Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Cristina Piscar said the hospital did not have records of Dalilah Rose Lang being born there.

Although there was never an obituary for Dalilah Rose Lang, the Piscars said their family held a memorial service and spent thousands of dollars on memorial T-shirts and food.

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center declined to confirm or deny the existence of any records for Dalilah Rose Lang or comment further on the case.

“This is a matter for the police and we don’t have any comment,” said Emily Korns, director of marketing communications. “We will certainly cooperate with law enforcement on any further investigation.”

Somerset County District Attorney Lisa Lazzari-Strasiser said the investigation of Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang is ongoing and could not comment further.

A preliminary hearing for the couple is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Oct. 1 before District Judge Kenneth W. Johnson, of Somerset, according to court records.

Attempts to reach the couple, as well as Geoffrey Lang’s mother, were unsuccessful.

​Jocelyn Brumbaugh is a reporter for the Tribune-Democrat. Follow her on Twitter @JBrumbaughTD.

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