Tony Joseph

We are more than a year away from the election in November 2020, yet every day, the No. 1 news story is about the more-than-20 Democrats running for the party to nominate them to be the candidate to face President Donald Trump and deny him a second term. 

In my 81 years of being an American citizen and my 60-plus years of paying attention to what is happening in the United States, I have never seen the country so divided politically.

Both parties in Congress should be ashamed to face the people they represent. 

The straight party line voting on issues is disgraceful and proves that most go to Washington to be led by the nose and told how to vote on issues that affect all of us. 

Elected officials used to vote across party lines, but that is a thing of the past. We are not a country governed by people who are supposed to represent the people who elected them. 

They get sworn into office and pay little attention to our opinions. The division in politics is destroying this great country that has the motto “One Nation Under God!”

That statement is almost laughable, but instead of laughing, I am frightened on how we as Christians have no faith to live up to that motto. 

There are more than 220 million Christians in the United States. One faith, Christianity, one Lord, Jesus Christ, one Holy Father and one Holy Spirit; an overwhelming majority that could control every election ever held in this country if, when we vote, we would ask ourselves how would Jesus want us to vote to reunite this one nation.

Power in the hands of Christians to heal all of the wounds caused by a divided government. There lies the problem, because Christianity is more divided than the government. 

One Christ and more than 30,000 different denominations in the church that he had the Apostles start more than 2,000 years ago. Christians need a rallying cry, “United we stand; divided we fall!”

The following is a guide for Christians to ponder before voting in November 2020. It will not tell you whom to vote for, but will let you know if you really know what Jesus Christ and his church are all about. 

Jesus said, “You are either for or against me! If you love me, obey my commands!”

• If you want the unborn children to see the light of day and be able to live in God’s world, vote Republican.

• If you want to continue the murder of over 1 million babies a year, vote Democrat.

• If you want the marriage sacrament to be that of a man and a woman, vote Republican.

• If you believe that men can marry men and women can marry women, vote Democrat.

• If you think a person can disregard the gender that God gave him or her at birth and enter restrooms and showers as they decide, vote Democrat.

• If you believe our gender was decided by God, who knew us before we were born, vote Republican.

• If you believe that our borders need protected and only people who deserve to come in legally, vote Republican

• If you think we should allow all people to enter our country and we should feed, clothe, house and give all free medical care at taxpayers’ expense, vote Democrat.

• If you think cities should obey all the federal laws that are being enforced by federal officers, vote Republican.

• If you think that mayors and governors have the right to protect criminals from federal officers, vote Democrat.

• If you like your doctor, like your health plan, like your hospital and want to keep them, vote Republican.

• If you want the government to assign you to a doctor and pick your hospital and assign you a health plan and schedule your visits, vote Democrat.

• If you like the freedom to choose your career, start a business, work where you are needed and advance in life, vote Republican.

• If you want a socialist government to control all aspects of your life and control everything, vote Democrat.

I could go on and on but please think before you vote. 

The perfect solution to all of the divisions in this country is that every citizen who is eligible to vote would vote then the true voice of the people would be heard. They are liars and promise breakers, so if the promise is too hard to believe, it is probably a lie and nothing is free, someone is paying for it. Please. 

“God bless America again!”

The Rev. Tony Joseph, of Richland Township, is a priest at St. Stephen’s Orthodox Church in Latrobe and St. John’s Orthodox Church in Ligonier.