Monday’s tragic accident that claimed the life of a first responder is another sad reminder of the need for drivers to make allowances for conditions.

I witnessed the first of those multiple accidents, and it was clear that some drivers have little respect for posted speed limits, particularly in areas such as Menoher Heights.

When roads are icy or simply have the potential to be icy, common sense dictates that drivers proceed carefully and should travel below posted limits until those conditions improve. Maybe it would be better to leave a few minutes earlier instead of assuming that one can travel at the same breakneck pace as usual.

In addition, these roads go through neighborhoods, and poor driving choices put those who live there in danger as well.

We can only thank God that none of the mishandled vehicles hit the school bus.

While we solemnly mourn the passing of this true public servant, let’s also use this incident as a catalyst for better driving habits.

Chuck McIlhenny


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