Some of us think we have it really hard when certain trials come our way. Then we watch a movie such as “Unbroken” and realize how truly blessed we are – even in the midst of these tribulations.

We listen to politicians and others making their cases for the torture of human beings. They justify it by saying that thousands were saved by the torture of just one person.

Wasn’t this nation founded on the rights of individuals? If it is lawful to take away the rights of one person, then it becomes lawful to take away the rights of all.

Did the Nazis start by taking away all the rights of all? No. They started small and gradually phased in laws to control everyone.

If we make it lawful and acceptable to torture one person, then it soon becomes OK to torture two, then three, and then 6 million. The torture and murder of people becomes standard practice. Where is our humanity then?

People all over the world used to admire the United States of America and Americans because we tried to do what was right.

Are we becoming like those who want to terrorize and destroy us? Is that why this country is now hated around the world? I would say yes.

We should not compromise our ideals for anyone. Compromise is OK only if a greater good comes from it. We must not compromise those things that have made this country great.

God bless America.

Royden Thomas


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