The American flag stands for freedom, not slavery. The flag that stood for racism is the Confederate flag. That is why the greatest president of the U.S. fought the North-South battle. He was assassinated after the North won the Civil War. There are people in California who say the U.S. flag is racist.

Are these people on drugs, drunk or just plain stupid?

It’s time to go after Islamic terrorists who remind us of the Nazi Hitler regime who hate Christians, Jews and Americans. They are killing and beheading all who don’t believe in their Islamic ways.

We need to go get them like we did when Harry S. Truman was president and dropped the atomic bomb on Japan and Hitler and Japan surrendered never to bother us again.

The Israeli prime minister is right about Iran. They cannot be trusted, they say death to America and Israel destruction.

Americans defend the country that we love and any U.S. citizen who joins ISIS is a traitor and should be hung. So beware of traitors.

The U.S. will not put up with treason, those who join the enemy to fight with evil Islamic terrorists.

John Zawalish


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