When I was in high school and read the novel “1984” by George Orwell, I never thought I would be living in the world he portrayed in his book, especially not in the United States.

We now have contact tracers following and reporting those who tested positive for the coronavirus; citizens reporting to local authorities those who aren’t following the mandated orders of politicians; security cameras everywhere; and being told how many people you can have at an event, in your church or in your business.

More frightening are those who are trying to rewrite America’s history into current political thinking.

If you don’t agree with certain groups you are a systemic racist. Everything you were taught, believed or knew is wrong and should be changed.

There are those who think destroying statues that are symbols of our history want to erase it, not only from our past, but for future generations. No longer can or should you think for yourself or use your common sense.

Maybe when Orwell wrote his book it was fiction but Big Brother and Thought Police seem to be our reality.

Is this who we are or who we want to become?

Judy Kelly


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