As I read about the rising popularity of recreational marijuana, I am alarmed. New York is joining the bandwagon. Is Pennsylvania next?

Let me pose a few scenarios:

• Would you want to be in the hands of an impaired doctor/health care worker?

• Would you want to be a passenger in an airplane with a pilot who is high? (No pun intended)

• Would you want your children's babysitters and teachers under the influence?

• Consider these trades: construction, electrical, plumbing, auto mechanics, etc.? Shoddy work and dangerous.

• What about food industry standards? Imagine the mistakes, oversights and unsafe foods.

Legalizing recreational marijuana is being touted as an "economic boost," which would generate tax revenue. "Now more than ever, we see a desperate need for the economic boost cannabis legalization can provide," Gov. Tom Wolf said. 

So balancing the budget is more important than the health and safety of people?

We should not stand idly by while our society continues on a path of self-destruction. Speak up.



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