On June 2, hundreds of people from around the region gathered at Trojan Stadium for the third annual Johnstown Walk of Hope to show their support for cancer patients and survivors, raising close to $35,000. It was announced that we were nearing $80,000 raised since the inaugural year of the Walk of Hope. The monies raised at the event are then dispersed to local organizations that care for cancer patients.

As a practice manager at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Johnstown, I see firsthand how this event is touching the lives of those affected by cancer. 

Patients in this facility have benefited by way of assistance with day-to-day expenses such as groceries, utilities, appliance repair and others that amass because of receiving necessary cancer care. In our center, we are preparing to roll out a program that will help patients occupy their time while receiving long treatments. All of this is because of the money raised by the Johnstown Walk of Hope.

This grassroots effort is a feat in its own. Three years ago, when a more prominent fundraiser withdrew its event from the area, Marlene Singer and several others didn’t give up hope. Rather, they put their minds together and came up with a solution. The solution was the Walk of Hope.

The event has improved each year. The tag line used for the event is “Keeping Hope Close to Home,” and this is exactly what it’s doing.

Clinton Dull


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