In response to James M. Edwards Sr.’s letter on Aug. 17, “What will future look like after election?”

Like Edwards, I am also wondering what the future will be after the election.

My concerns are as follows.

Will we have a president that:

• Has the moral, ethical, honesty and character to lead America?

• Who will accept responsibility for his failures as well as successes and not blame others for those failures?

• Who will not lie to or mislead Americans on a daily basis?

• Who will not request or accept foreign country interference in our electoral process?

• Who will not undermine the government and Constitution, but support and defend it?

• Who will not turn our Democratic government into a dictatorship?

• Who will not divide our nation along ethical, race, religious line, but unite America?

• Who will not defy Congress’s request to him or members of his staff to testify before Congress?

• Who will not fire/replace inspectors general that are investigating him or his staff?

• Who will not use his power as president to personally enrich him, his family and wealthy friends?

• Who will stop using the U.S. Attorney General as his personal attorney?

• Who will not pardon convicted by trial or confessed criminals in his administration that have lied to protect him from prosecution of his corrupt acts?

These are all questions that relate to the president’s actions since taking office 31/2 years ago. Democracy is at the most critical crossroads since it began more than 200 years ago.

Gary Schetrompf


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