President Donald Trump, like some two-bit dictator, has discovered anarchists, whom he blames for the violence.

Playing on fear of the unknown, he wants to use this to win in November. 

Actually, anarchists have been used for well over a century as scapegoats for social problems. 

In the 1880s, some anarchists, later known as the Haymarket Martyrs, were hanged, convicted for supposedly inciting violence at a labor rally in Chicago.

Some of those lynched were not even at the rally.

In 1927, two Italian anarchists, Sacco and Vanzetti, were executed by the state, convicted of murder and robbery on trumped-up charges and anti-Italian racism.

There was a worldwide protest demanding that the execution be halted, and both men were later pardoned. 

Anarchism is a legitimate social philosophy. Most anarchists want to see a more just society for workers, an equalitarian, anti-authoritarian one.

Anarchism has an interesting history. 

In the 1930s, Spanish Civil War anarchists, supporters of the CNT, the anarchist workers union, waged a courageous battle against France’s fascist forces, which were backed by Nazi Germany. 

Now Trump, who knows nothing about anarchism, is attempting to demonize desperate young people and use them as a boogeyman and campaign gimmick.

Nick Brisini

Glen Campbell

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