“I won’t have time to play golf ... I’ll be working for you.”

Over the course of his presidency, Donald Trump has spent approximately 257 days at his golf clubs.

That pace extrapolates to nearly 700 times over eight years if reelected.

These visits are funded by taxpayers and include expenses for transportation, lodging, meals, etc. for his staff, guests, and Secret Service.

Golf cart rentals have reportedly cost over a half-million dollars. Much of these expenses are paid to Trump’s properties, benefiting him.

While the costs vary depending on which property he is visiting, The General Accountability Office reports that each jaunt to Mar-a-Lago costs $3.4 million.

Secret Service costs are incurred for Melania Trump to maintain a separate residence in New York. Add in security expenses for Trump’s children’s travels.

No president has spent more taxpayers’ dollars to enhance his personal lifestyle.

Other promises regarding reducing health care costs, improving our crumbling infrastructure and eliminating the national debt have also gone unfulfilled.

The debt, soaring nearly $4 trillion since Trump took office, may not affect you, but it most assuredly will impact your children and grandchildren. No government, institution or family can avoid the negative consequences of skyrocketing monetary obligations.

Trump kept his pledge for a tax cut.

The Center for American Progress, a D.C. think tank, found that changes to business rules could save him up to $15 million annually.

Trump should spend less time in golf carts and more time “working for you.”

Carl Concel


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