Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” However, many of his aides and advisers have been indicted or imprisoned. His campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, national security adviser, foreign policy adviser, personal lawyer, and a long-time friend are all convicted felons.

Many others have left the administration in dismay or disgrace in an unprecedented revolving door turnover.

U.S. intelligence agencies reported Russia has been paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. The commander-in-chief calls it a hoax and denies he was informed. What does Vladimer Putin have on Trump?

Trump pledged to reverse our trade deficit with China and promotes buy American. Yet, Trump-owned U.S. properties have imported more than 8 tons of Chinese goods since September.

Trump downplayed repeated warnings of the coronavirus pandemic for over

two months wasting valuable time that could have minimized the loss of lives and jobs.

Only after the stock market plummeted in March did he form a task force. Subsequently, Trump ignored recommendations from expert scientists and doctors and urged states to reopen prematurely leading to an insurgence in cases and deaths.

America has 4% of the world’s population and, disproportionately, 25% of global COVID-19 cases.

Trump has no solutions for the country’s major problems.

He has lied to us over 20,000 times, exploited racial tensions and made us more divisive. He only cares about himself even to the detriment of our nation’s welfare.

Carl Concel


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