Richland Township is behind the technological times in the following areas:

• Traffic lights not changing by vehicle-triggered sensors.

• No convenient way to contact township administration through a website or social media platforms.

Both situations should not be happening in a township with such a large tax base (business and residents). When I have called the township office to ask if light sensors would be checked, there is no way to ensure that my question has been passed on to anyone who would act upon the situation.

People who are answering the township office phones disagreed with me, which makes me wonder if my questions have been passed along at all.

I will be sending a letter through the mail, but I wish electronic option was available.

The worst of the worst when it comes to waiting out a red light: Theatre Drive and Elton Road; Theatre Drive and Eisenhower Boulevard; Theatre Drive and Scalp Avenue; Scalp Avenue and inlet to East Hills Plaza near Ollie’s; Scalp Avenue and Hostetler Road (especially turning off or onto Hostetler).

I realize it’s not a top priority problem, but it’s very frustrating when sitting at a red light for what seems to be a much longer time than at other intersections, and there is no traffic coming through in the direction of the green light.

There seems to be sensors built into the road.

They are either not working or not set correctly. A problem that should be fixed.

Bruce Wechtenhiser


Editor’s note: Richland Township officials said they spoke to Mr. Wechtenhiser about the issues, but did not submit a response for publication.

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